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Lemurian Galactic Art § Soul chart

Lemurian Galactic Art § Soul chart

Original Lyrans who came straight to Earth to be reborn after a devastating war on the Galaxy. They found Pleiades and a peaceful style of living, expanding their Soul through the Heart Chakra, and honoring the Divine Feminine (Pleiadian) in Divine Union with the Divine Masculine (Lyran).

After a few incarnations on Arcturus, Orion, and Sirius, these Lyrans decided to come to Earth as Lemurians. Eventually they left Earth, heading to the Pleiades. Others journeyed to Inner Earth, reconnecting with the Elemental Kingdoms, Dragons, and Mystical Beings of Light connected to Earth realms.

During Lemurian times, this Pleiadian-Lyran was connected with the Magic of Earth, and all of the Elementals. Back in that time, they spoke the Language of the Light, and their Galactic Families would come to exchange guidance.

This Soul also decided to journey in many timelines with this Earth-Pleiadian group. It then began incarnating on Orion, to aid in the Draco War, as Warriors and Magicians, and as Healers when Peace reigned in the Galaxy. This Lyran-Pleiadian Soul came back to Earth in Atlantean times, in a life that is highly connected with the present one, which will lead to an Ascension.

Back in Lemuria, this Soul joined the Brotherhood of Caregivers of the Dragons of Lemuria. The Voices of the Galaxy are engraved in the Soul of this Guardian of the


Every night under the Galaxy, these Guardians taught and guided the Dragons in their work as Guardians of Lemuria.

Their Teachings ranged from Magic, Healing, Spells, Sacred Light Codes, and the Mysteries of the Universe.

In these Lemurian Learning Circles, Beings from the Galaxy came to share Light and Guidance as Demi-Gods and Teachers.

In that timeline, this Soul dedicated himself to Teaching and Knowing God through the connection with the Elemental World, and to Creating a Harmony with the Earth in its maximum potential.

Today, your Lemurian Family invited you to Stay In The Light.

Stay In The Light.

There is a very sacred sweetness about Being In Your Light.

When you are In Your Light with yourself, you become sensitive to and familiar with your Own Voice, and aware of the Light you share with others.

When you are In Your Light, you can pamper yourself, and be loving and aware of yourself.

Be Responsible for the Light In You, and for the Light you share with others.

One of the greatest challenges in Spirituality is creating a Balanced, Loving, Peaceful and Abundant life by Taking Responsibility for the Energy you bring to a place, and how you share Your Light.

I believe that True Spirituality is Taking Responsibility for Your Own Light. As long as you blame someone else, are drained because of someone else, and point your finger at the Collective, you are not Taking Responsibility for Your Light.

Shine Bright, Beloved!!!! And remember to Stay In Your Light.

With Love,

the Lemurians

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