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Lemurian Starseed Drawing

My drawing of the light Lemuria Light Codes for the True Self Dear one, blessings! I am BlueSea Dear and I am pleased to speak to you from the heart I am the light that becomes water when the Soul is thirsty I have come to lead you to wash away the shadow behind you and as the shadow gets bigger and all around you Allow yourself to be connected now through your breathing and the heart where the vibration of your spirit will help you connect with these codes to bring a blessing of the true self My dear, my heart is one with yours and the light codes of the image are now purifying all the layers that have masked the divine soul. Breathe and feel us in your heart Seeing the broader picture of life, learning, and growth, you gain wisdom and significance by emerging as a being of light physically. My dear heart and yours are one and you are now ready to emerge your light, become radiant and genuine that evolves into the light with every step instead of clinging to the programming of the old.

Beloved one, I am in your heart always and through the light codes and This activation helps to allow the identity that you have overcome to fall. It is very similar to buying new shoes, you have to leave old shoes. In other words, this helps you to live flowing like your soul, regardless of the outside world only connected to the radiant and sovereign world inside. Darling, it is beautiful to live a life experiencing your original radiant soul leaving you to feel and flow with the whole. Now release the judgment, leave the expectations, uncontrolled, I will only connect with your purest self Claim your soul power as eternal wisdom I have infinity.

It Free yourself from the heavy and lighten the walk. Release the mold and the box around the soul opening you to a range of infinite possibilities. Call me, to help with this process. Return to the point where your interior is free to be the creative essence in which it is united with the whole. Higher light and light blessings to you from BlueSea

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