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Let love to Guide you

Updated: Mar 6, 2021

My angels,

We are still under the Tight square between Uranus and Saturn that represent our desires for freedom , for communication how you speak and express yourself....and conformity

today I share a love Meditation to assist that every breath you take is align with Love

2021 has been intense and turbulent in many ways allow yourself that every mood you make and thought you have makes a huge difference cresting a new reality

Let’s prepare ourselves to hold light and live fully...towards the New moon in libra on the 13th for us to find balance

Hold for the Space for Love!

Is a good time to question our movements to recalibrate then and achieve balance for what we create together as One, starting from what I create

Meditate today abs let the loving energy of Archangel Chamuel to infuse your magnet heart with love and light

Pass the light!

Remember you css was an suscribe to my Membership Community on you tube only for $2.99 monthly and access a vast library of exclusive videos

Don’t forget to Smile !

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