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Living with Heart Open

This is how to me looks like holding the spence with love ( in our aura).

My third eye is insanely open and I began drawing what I see to the level of my capacity.

Love is like an elixir of Plasmic light that sparks, irradiate pure Source consciousness into our being and all around.

Love is essential and whether is beloved , to myself, my family, my job, my country, my cat or whatever motivates me to become love is totally worth it to be experienced.

I may not be able to describe it the way I can feel it.

It’s to fall I love with yourself and means that you accept responsibility for your own actions, develop healthy habits, think with positive mindset, in times of struggle being creative and solution proactive.

When overload with thing to avoid taking care of yourself then is time yo replenish, growth and happiness.

I am adding a Light Language meditation that will encoded a new programming from your Solar plexus to Reclaim your inner power… In this meditation the Heart and Solar plexus become your portal to access the Source of all. Visualize light coming through like on the image.

Allow it! Enjoy it! Become it!

Powerful Chakras Healing Sacral light Language Guided Meditation I Realign your Creation Center

I you can find it at @encodedfrequency YouTube channel



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1 Comment

Bertha Maldonado
Bertha Maldonado
Feb 13, 2023

She looks so beautiful ❣️🤍🌺🌺🌺❤️💖🌺

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