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Lyra - Sirius Angelic - Galactic Art

Lyra - Sirius Angelic -

Galactic Being by essence. Connected with the Sun, Egyptian Collective, specifically with RA, Christ-Consciousness - Dragon Solar Being. Archangel Raphael, Atlantean Serpent People, Vega, Zeta, Shaman (Ancestors connected with Wolf Spirit), Fae, Alpha Centauri and Andromeda. When I connect with this Guide, it looks luminescent and made of Light. I could see patterns of Light colliding in the night of my dreams as falling stars. This drawing represents the Higher Aspect that you have with the Seventh Dimension. They are Mediators between Galactic Collectives, and seek the unification of the Galaxy in Unity. They function as Civil Guardians and supervise the Collective Patterns to determine if there should be any intervention. Greetings and Blessings, You can ask this Guide, that is to be of Light, for help, healing, and guidance because it compliments you, so that you see and understand the Bigger Picture, and serve as a Bridge between you and your Higher Mind. The easiest way to connect is through your imagination as you visualize this image, and in meditation. From Lyra with Love, we announce blessings from on high. Now breathe this Code of Light and allow yourself the gift of an Instant Energy Shift! Clear, cleanse and lift your vibration with support from your team of Lyran Guides. My Dear Human, as you visualize this image, you will feel your energy lift, and your Galactic Consciousness expand. You will then anchor your Galactic Presence and allow a profound Galactic Alignment. My Dear Human, breathe. All is well. Your Soul is prepared for brighter days on the horizon. Align the Spiritual Presence of your Soul’s physical body, so you can live in alignment in the Present Time. Clear and release Spiritual Energy blocking you from the Truth of your profound connection with the Infinite Galaxy Within You. You may not know exactly what your purpose is, but you strongly feel that there is a reason for your existence on this planet. Explore Who You Are to the fullness of you. As you wake up to your Light Mission, you will pursue it fearlessly, and nothing can come in your way. Know that brings a message that you are on the right path. You are encouraged to continue along as you are. Your Guides are infusing your dreams, thoughts and ideas with Divine Love, Healing and Guidance. ~ The Guides 🤍 • I am attaching a link of guided meditations where you can understand more about how to activate your DNA with Light Codes. All my love and gratitude,

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