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Lyra twin flame drawing

Lyra twin flame drawing

This is a drawing that represents a story in two soulmates who have spent eternity together, growing up and exploring their souls together and in lives apart.

In this drawing the essence of Lyra is reflected as humans that are feline at the same time, with a very warlike appearance reflecting they were in times of an intense transformation.

The soul that connects in a deeper way by sharing the journey together through many civilizations and dimensions in eternity of the divine soul.

This loving light created a very strong connection in Lyra in a time of war in the universe and where they had to leave as refugees looking for new horizons to explore the loving soul together where in Lyra they learned to observe and know each other as individuals and as loving partners.

In Lyra sacred love was reborn and the expansion came to incarnate in andromeda to learn to master the change because in andromeda reality was liquid and fluid and everything changed shape in a second to learn to adapt to any circumstance. The next star was Cassiopeia, where they learned the arts of healing through creation and to encode codes of crystallized light to create patterns where the matrix found a new and greater elevation at the service of their community and galaxy.

However there is karma created in Lyra that needed to be repaired and before going to Orion where the war between the empire and galactic federation of light continued in an empire of extreme oppression, they decided to go to Pleiades to learn the art of love and then to the future as Essassani, to help and learn to integrate spiritual sovereignty. There they were guided by the founders who looked like angelic inspectors, being part of the source and their spiritual guides in that integration. Galactica.

In Orion there was a service to initiate peace as part of the rebellion in the dark league, they learned about magic and the alchemy of light in the chaos and for their part they had different missions in different realities to be able to meet again and continue creating together at the same level and same speed.

Speaking the language of the love from the heart, with a dynamic that mixes with passionate holiness creating destiny together. The language of love becomes a universe in which you can explore the being in the reflection of your loved one, finding an immensity of light that was hidden in the encoded soul to discover when you explore in the reflection of the beloved where the light has no shadow but an evolution in sacred love.

The language of love that invites you to integrate your own shadows where your loved one becomes a reflection of the world within you.

Sacred love that provides a security in the loving healing of the loved ones who drink each other by exchanging the language of love in the soil in sacred union.

The beloved awake, let’s her beloved drink the love that emanates from her heart through her sacred body where each sacred part is her holy body that becomes a spring of divine love by intimately surrendering her body and soul. In apprenticeships of love and becoming the angel and teacher of your loved one, pushing him to grow in his maximum potential through love in Sacred Union in the adventure of exploring being together through time and space

With high love Agatha and Onix

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