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Lyran Avian & Galactic Dragon Art

Starseed Drawing - Alien Race - Planet Lyra - Avians - Dragon - Galactic Art

The Galactic Soul Chart for this Soul has a trinity in essence, it feels equal Galactic, Elemental and Angelic. In this case the Galactic is the feminine energy as creator in one of the first souls that split from Source representing a very ancient and wise Soul. The Elemental represents the divine masculine, is along with the fire of God and inspired Light in action.

The Angelic comes from the Seraphins who are the closest angelic beings to God and their job is to praise and honor the Almighty in his vast magnificence.

This Soul separates into 3 fragments at the same time. The Higher Self represents the angelic, the divine masculine which is manifested as the force of the dragon, that is a guardian which bears the Light and the feminine in Lyra as an Avian and as a Light guardian being, working with its complement as a lightworker. Other lives are in the Pleiades, Feline Sirius, Avian Sirius, Andromeda, Zeta, Gray, terrestrial hybrid in the future and New Earth human galactic.

This image represents an Avian warrior in Lyra who had to be an original fragment which defended her Light and learned her life in separation.

Your Guides showed me that they wanted to contact you thru a dream. I dreamt your Soul and Guides under a rain of feathers, I felt drawn to follow them, they looked white, ice blue and gold. The energy felt very galactic and angelic at the same time.

I started interacting with them trying to sense them with my hands. It was a soft and soothing energy with joy and peace interweaving with my emotions that healed your human presence of any shade aligned with your emotional body. Other Light Codes in the image represents your wisdom as a Soul and through meditation and this image will be available to you when you need them.

Then I saw her, she was captivating my curiousity, so I felt drawn to her instantly. I was droven into your aivan aspect, which It felt like heaven or paradise I don't know how to explain,... it was so strong that inspired my admiration, she emanated persistence, commintement. She was connected with her pack and they all were very close to grow together and support each others journey.

I contemplated them as transparent waves that reflected light which their radiance echoed on me. It was shown to your earthly shape and I in that certain timeline that the pack was divided by power and ego and after going back and forward when finding a leader the pack was separated. Your group migrated looking for a new home and build a new community, during the migration this aspect transmuted. They settled in Sirius.

Her eyes transmitted a magnificent, enchanting, elegant and tall being, I felt tiny. Our souls size was about her waist, I consider she may look like 8 feet or alike, furthermore the dragon could change size, it was more like a standard one but in battle it could reach a quadruple size and transmute into a fiercely one.

When the dragon was performing we just froze and it was fun to see that in fact it was magical. There I was only speaking with my silence and she was speaking to you with her essence and her eyes gazed at your Soul even though it was only for a few seconds it felt like your Guides could read you and they were there to support thee by whispering light language and your soul seemed pleased. You said " I feel ONE for an infinite moment that lasted an eternity".

"Nothing in this temporary life lasts, and yet absolutely nothing is lost", this was transmitted thru her gazing eyes and silence while the feathers from her hands danced sparkling and glowing sunshine within her.

Her message: My dear beloved human we are you and you are us don't you notice the peace that the image emanates?

Rest assured that all the changes in your life are occurring as a part of the highest good for everyone involved.

Her eyelashes confirmed, vibrating that it is safe to let go of the past and explore the unknown. Since ancient times, no matter where a human being migh

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