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Lyran Galactic Art

Charina comes from Lyra as a Spiritual Guide who works with the Higher Self by being the Highest Being in the Soul Group. This Soul, in its Galactic Astral Chart, also has Lyra - Sirius, Pearl Ray, Moon Goddess, Orion, Atlantean, Andromeda, Emerald Green Ray, Egyptian Collective, Angelic Ophanim (a class of Celestial Beings known to possess the Wisdom of God), Annunaki, Dragon Collective, Tara, Sophia, and Quan Yin. Charina came in through a portal, with the Galaxy behind her, literally glowing Light. Her hair was made of wavy lines of Galactic Sparkling Light.

Her color is the color of pearls, with golden tones. She is dressed in a very elegant and real-looking way, where in the background some Light Ships orbited the scene in my Third Eye. Charina put her hand on my forehead, and instantly I saw, like in a movie, images of her timeline, where in LYRA, in ascension, they belong to a Council of Wise Beings of Light that coordinate Creation throughout the Galaxy. It can be said that this is an Administrative Position, and in its timeline, they are Spiritual Guides of other Beings in the process of Ascension. Charina, of course, has had many incarnations, such as being an Elemental, a Galactic Dragon, an Extraterrestrial, and the Human Version, to which she communicates her wisdom to today. Instead of running away from what you don’t want, walk with commitment towards what you desire. Focus on where you are going, rather than being obsessed with where you have been. So Raise Your Head and Shine Brightly, and Walk Towards What You Want. Focus Your Light on your desires, as a great magnet that attracts Infinite Possibilities to Grow and Evolve in your Light.

In the times when Lyra suffered from the Intergalactic War, what helped our Ancestors evolve was the Union, because as Lions the Family defended themselves, and the Light was protected with Temperance. Trust in your Divine Power, and Claim your Sovereignty ~ the Sovereignty of a Goddess of Galactic Light, and a Being passionate in her Light. At this moment on Earth, there is a Great Galactic and Spiritual Awakening, and at the Collective Level, we can perceive that the Collective is in a Dark Night of the Soul. Do not despair, my Human Brothers. You receive this Divine High Light in the portals that have been activated to be Channels of your Divinity, and anchor it to, in turn, Serve Humanity. Let Go Of The Past, because it only connects you to a land that no longer serves to express its High and Divine Light. A Heavenly Land is coming ~ a Land that will be in a very Organic and Galactic Way, and will come to help you to be Reborn in its Light. All Beings of the Galaxy send Love and Blessings to their Hearts in this Divine Journey. Fill Yourself With Light, with a Loving Heart, and remember to Fill Everyone With Love, because Love is the easiest way to the New Earth. With Love, I Bless You, Charina

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Thank you - that was beautiful - felt tingles all over my body - it ended at 11:11 am. ❤️

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