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Lyran Starseed

Lyran Guide Ava

Masculine template activation

Greetings my beloved

We are here with honor and gift of the heart my beloved

We are here Bringing through the highest vibration of divine love and Christ consciousness into the masculine template To be activated

tuning into this codes of light , and play with them in order to really get activated in this you are able to feel into the deep love and wisdom within and all around.

My beloved there are truly higher levels of light , heightened presence, accelerated awakening, and gifts from your soul just waiting for you to open to them.

Unplug! from all density and choose a perfect alignment

offer yourself an opportunity to know what you have become

Healing density resurrecting and rebirth and you embrace this part of you that is no reborn and reclaim now take a deep breath as you gaze at the image this is a unique energetic expansion

Be ready to step into the codes the Chakras being the reconfiguration to root your light both grounding and galactic cords as a never-ending stream of manifestation.

Repairing the lack of safety and all distortion and bring the divine nature of the heart and soul.

May these codes assist you in a way that is right for you navigating the way to nourish more light and an orgasmic stay of bliss and pureness light like as your walk the greatest path


A higher conscious state of bliss, connection, to thrive!

Make it a priority to create some space...

navigate the divine plan as you feel your way and the light will guide you home

we love you dear cosmic sister

Ava from Lyra

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