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Magdalene Collective Drawing ~ Spiritual Guide Art

Magdalene Collective Galactic Art ~ Zinnia This Soul chart represents the spirit of a strong Lion personality and the Christ Consciousness. The divine masculine is connected with Yeshua and the divine feminine with Mary Magdalene in this case as a Starseed, very strong.

The essence is highly connected with the planets of Sirius A and B, the Blue and Pink Ray in connection with the Archangel Michael and Archangel Chamuel. At the same time in some life it was connected with the Violet Flame from Saint Germain and the galactic Arcturians. On Ancient Earth the soul's path was that of a high priest for Mary Magdalene after Yeshua ascended. This lifetime is the one coming through the drawing.

In other lifetimes on Earth the soul explored Shamanism in Peru as well as a Native American in a very simple life, which was very spiritually oriented. The masculine side feels very much like a fierce Dragon/Lion type that migrated to Earth to seed Higher Consciousness doing healing work in many of our first lives exploring life times in France, England, Scotland, Greece, Atlantis, Egypt, Rome and living as Native Americans.But this masculine part also explored being part of the Norse Gods, Christ Consciousness, Hermes, Poseidon, the Dragon Spirit and the Elementals.

You have a very strong divine masculine however your divine feminine functions as the ascended aspect of you.

You hold many aspects of the Galaxy in your soul. I would say the essence is from Sirius, Orion, Lyra, Pleiades, Aldebaran, Andromeda, Arcturian and the Greys. In this timeline my name was Zinnia which means “worthy of praise”. I come in not just one but many aspects of you which are blended in a steamed healing Light. In my timeline we were followers of Yeshua who inspired us to reconnect with the "I AM" presence within. And no not all those stories are written in the Bible. Many of them were changed according to what men decided would serve Christianity as a religion.

Each men decided what was going to be the rules and procedures to follow the lead of what Yeshua represented for us as a teacher. This is still inspiring many of you.

Many timelines evolve all with different outcomes. Evolving in so many different ways ensured creating contrast for humanity to grow in its Ascension. In this timeline Yeashu had a Priest and Priestess iniciated by him and Mary Magdalene who we can call his assistant.

That he equally valued female and male teachers scared the Hebrews as well as the Romans. In a way he was removed from the equation so that in that timeline it was part of the Divine plan for us to create our own connection with Source.

And we did! We recognized, that we all were and are children of God. We began traveling and preaching through out the language of the light. This light language was activated through the connection with the Holy Spirit. In a ceremony of Baptism we would learn to tap into the knowledge and finding our way to feel God actively within us.

We all begin to channel eventually in so many ways. It surprises us in so many sacred ways.

The Divine Feminine is all about reclaiming the art of believing to be worthy to create by birthing new truths.

Thus, it is the worthiness which will enable you by balancing virtuous growth with the feminine traits to begin valuable manifestation which will help you to find the security and resilience you pursue.

Every single day you add potential for yourself!

In order to do so, most sacred and loving conscientious beliefs, which are beneficial opening in the needle, but rapidly evolved concepts that fuel the spiritual leader when whirled into impression or filters of opinion, must be set aside, in order for your inner being to truly set you free.

Moment by moment, by being a loving and compassionate witness to your own experience, you are becoming who you are meant to be. Let it unfold as is meant to be.

In this past timeline we had to fight. However, it always must be done through the alignment with Love knowing all is supporting you to become the highest version you can become.

Appreciate the contrast that life offers you. It will bring you into a heavenly place if you have clarity about what you do or do not want. This will help you to identify where you want to go.

You emanate the light of God at all times. You are summoning God when you are in peace

Peace is your Sign of Alignment with God.

Cherish the sweet place where peace comes to ease your path. It is your connection to Source.

Understand who you really are! A Piece Of Divinity.

As a final blessing, may the love of God lead you in every way and every day more than the day before and so it is.

Our highest live and blessings Zinnia

Love is the greatest and sweetest Road of Mastery we can tune in to soften the ride.

Love is a powerful impulse to evolve and you can tell that when you act through Love is a strong alignment with creator of all that it is.

Love is a powerful way to heal!

We must give rise to a powerful sense of self and purpose into any relationship.

Love is the sweetest frequencies we can exchange with ourselves and anyone.

We must bring a sense of value, of who we are.

We must bring passion about ourselves. Integrity, honestly and willingness to give and receive Love.

The state of love is a confirmation for Alignment with Creator of All.

That's what love is about.

Shed a Love!

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