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Magical tool codes | How to use them?

This code for example that will help you plant the seeds to become the best version of yourself.

The hand is the hand of your higher self and a healing chamber is formed. Where you also observe a seed that flourishes and multiplies. It multiplies so that through your experiences you can live your dreams.

Your spirit invites you to rise up high! To be determined and take intelligent and focused risks where you move one step more and more between the reality you live in now and the one you dream of.

There is a sense of satisfaction when walking on the path that catapults you into making your dreams come true. Let your dreams evolve. It is never too late, you are always at the right time to be strong in the creation of your dreams.

There is an invitation to dream, and at the same time to take control of your life where any self-sabotage programming is eliminated.

The world will put countless obstacles in your way, but by being in charge of your dreams and your destiny you become so wise that walking through the challenge will be easy.

- Codes for the focus of looking at your dreams and letting them flourish.

- Emotional stability that supports the voice of your intuition and inner voice.

- Sense of adaptability and transformation that allows you to adjust your path in the now.

- Golden mentality, open to see unlimited opportunities, dreaming of everything and having everything you deserve.

- Follow your dreams and live them!...-

Light codes have the mission of representing healing chambers either in sacred geometry or symbolic language that the ego passes when using a non-linear language and from your DNA (who does recognize it) there is a reprogramming at a subconscious and conscious level.

The energy creates the matter so if the matter wants to be transformed then by changing the energetic vibration injecting patterns of ascending dimensions to create a different alchemy, it will bring a result of a change in your physical and energetic being.

The fact that? What? and because? they are the responses to your intention when you observe it consciously or unconsciously.

visualizing it and seeing itself blended into the light code is enough to create a reprogramming. However, for a more powerful effect, it is recommended to visualize yourself during a guided meditation with the language of light and merge into the image that you selected in the form of light, geometric tones and transforming from being matter to symbology that merges into a body of light that resembles the creator (in whatever way makes it easy for you to connect so will it be for the highest and highest good).

Suggested steps;

*Select the code of light or sacred geometry if your preference

*Add an intention, what? What? why? with time and mission for example "I decree the activation of my Starseed template, easily and simply, in the highest and highest good of all that is now and instantly, in divine alignment and naturally finding balance in the now, it's done."

* Ask your team of spiritual guides for assistance.

*Allow yourself to flow in the highest and greatest good, and so be it.

I hope it is valuable and I enclose a meditation and this code to activate your starseed lineage for your highest good and so be it.

I am attaching a Pleiades Heart Chakra Light Language Meditation

@Shed a light

@Encoded Frequency

Note: 🫶 you can request yours with discount at my website

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