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Manifestation Light Codes

Manifestation Alignment Light Language

It's an interesting energy now that we are in the edge of a huge Gateway and not anything we haven't seen, in 2021 the energy has increased in speed

we manifest much faster in ways which ask for alignment in large and small ways.

As manifestation is much faster and quicker when we are really aligned with love and living in our vortex of Wholeness

I feel the best tool for manifestation is love and our heart leading merging spiritual with physical, really bringing everything together as we stand at that doorway, in really amazing ways a Mirian of opportunities .

So, be the love and the light, bring peace and openness , and remember your fundamental law of manifestation principals regarding Love, peace, and creation.

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Enjoy this light Codes and Meditation and know there is much support for you, always.

With love Grethel

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