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Manifesting with the MOON

Intention Setting – The First Step To Manifestation: this Full moon

the truth is you are manifesting right now. The truth is we are manifesting something all the time and this becomes your inner technology.

Most of us manifest on a subconscious level, where our subconscious thoughts and beliefs influence the decisions we make and everything we attract as we are the creator.

Setting Intentions can change your subconscious thoughts and behaviors by making them intentional and help you manifest what you really want!

Love is not an emotion, it's a consciousness, a state of being. and love is the best currency we can exchange and Manifest, Heart open to give love and receive equally love... Connect to your intentions. ~In meditation or quiet deep thought ~ Ask yourself what you want

~Now ask yourself, especially how you want to feel. ... ~ Plant your intentions. your Magnetic Heart ~ Meditate on your intentions. ...choose and abundant meditation to magnetize your Intentions ~Use your Heart to feel what you desire. Magnet ~ Stay in the process

~ Let the Universe worry about the outcomes.

Most o us are stuck on autopilot, just trying to go day by day. We don’t even pay attention to our vibe or mood, so we ended up manifesting things we don’t want.

Contemplate your Heart today and decide to Act upon it and Manifest!

~Now for Members, a quick announcement I just release a Galactic Meditation to Manifest the galaxy within this super Moon in Libra to align with balance and download Unconditional Love and all you deserve...

I post yesterday the Energy report fr April and share what is coming up for us through sessions and channels we have a public video and an exclusive video for you guys in the membership area...

In April I will release the alchemy of abundance course for you guys ....stay tuned!!!!

and always make room for Magic and love to enter your space

all my love Grethel!

Sharing the Meditation for today My Angels...

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