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Master Jesus!


remembrance of Master Jesus legacy and the resurrection of our Soul

we are the Christ consciousness that come to resurrect our reality

whether what Master Jesus represents for you he had become an avatar that represents a beautiful influx of Cosmic light streaming in.

and there is an opportunity for us to master ourselves when we not only remember but also open our heart to a organic Ascención

drop seeds of Christ Consciousness in every action during our day as we drop into our heart and embrace the Christ within

let it Shine!

Greetings with Love and Light

Christ consciousness frequency 💙

We are here to bring Light and Love from the heavens, gradually integrating the Light to bring healing and remembrance of the soul

Remember you are Christ consciousness in physical

In the confusion of these fast-moving times, we the Ambassadors, as individuals and as a collective are assisting humans in re-calibrating and restoring this space, helping to ignite your light, your codes, and to keep your inner and outer space heart-centered.

This is the space created for all of us to share our authenticity and uniqueness. Our codes will power your soul, and your soul is well equipped for these times ahead.

Remember you are Christ consciousness inwardly, it can be easy for us to get entangled in the madness of the outer world, finding ourselves rapidly depleted.

Self care and re-calibration are required now perhaps more than ever before as the changes play out on the world stage and humans structures fall away with the new frequencies now hitting your planet.

It is important to let yourselves be nurtured and to re-calibrate your intentions as often as you can, to take note of how you are feeling and to find your balance.

It will be vital for all of you to slow down when you need to in order to connect with your stillness, your wholeness, and your abundant inner world of creative inspiration from your souls and hearts.

Know you are Christ consciousness in physical.

The codes will show up to align us and show us the purpose of this life. When humans are aligned with the flow of the universe, the radiant authenticity of our own inner world expands in a unique way never experienced before.

The light codes that are downloaded for us represent a re-calibration to bring our inner and outer world into harmony. Also, to create a personal sanctuary where the light codes are the key to bring us into a far vaster and expanded version of ourselves.

These frequencies are also used by the dolphins and whales and are designed to help us to push the pause button on the noise of the world, and to return to the stillness of our inner self, and to be inspired to take care of this sanctuary as our home, where we may be inspired to create the most marvelous light codes for our journey.

Feel it you are Christ consciousness in physical

In Love and Light – The Ambassadors

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