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Mermaid Drawing

My Drawing of the Light ~ Mermaid ~ CalypsoLiquid Codes of Light Raising Your Vibration I AM Calypso. I greet you with Love and Healing Codes of Light. I AM the Healing Voice of the Mermaid Collective and we will speak to you in One Voice. As you gaze at the Image of me, in your mind BE steady and flow gently. Divine Light was flowing in all around me in a waterfall of increíble Peace and Bliss, raising the Vibration immensely... Let Synchronicity BE your Guiding Light, and Excitement the Map of your Soul. Navigate with me in an Ocean of Light, filled with Divine Light that gives the whole Waves of Healing Light an incredible upgrade. Stand in the Waves of the Light with us. Sail your Soul with an Open Heart, washing away the old and flowing with a Lighter Current Within, as you stand in the Glowing Power of the Light that was completely illuminated... Navigate your Light and allow yourself to BE an Ocean of Light, Love and Divine Presence, in more of its Truth... As you bathe yourself in the Light, it constantly reignites your Highest Light of Awareness and Expands your Consciousness. Navigating through Peace powerfully reconnects you to the Infinite Love and Wisdom of Source Waves that you are a part of, that you are One with, and that gracefully and continuously flow throughout All. Navigate with us in dreams and meditations, as we hold you in the Ocean of the Light of your Soul, my Dear. Now BE committed to your Light, and BE confident to flow the Light out far beyond you, in a way that blesses and benefits All. We send you Light Bubbles of Love ~ the Mermaids

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