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Mermaids of Lemuria

My Drawing of the light

Activate your Lemurian light codes Greeting and blessing, Beloved one,

I am Bluesea from Lemuria and I am honored to be here today to Activate your Lemurian from your crown chakra, who is the antenna to which you connect with divine embodiment of your higher self greatly and announce an increase in your energy will emerge as a leader of the light be activated while gazing upon these light codes from this image.

Your authentic sensitivity and vulnerability is your advantageous gift, you are the strength in whichever way you perceive your life experiences through your Higher Self wisdom. Keep Doing the inner work, evolving with your light codes, ascending as a leader, the purging of the collective density and programming is beautiful while you balance yourself. Balance it is acceptance to what is!Practice seeing everything outside of you. Be here and serve the mission through this experience as an emissary of light as a channel and pure conduit of divine love and pure source consciousness. LEADING WITH LOVE! Leading with light and tenderness in the heart while transforming your soul's ability to emerge the purpose of this lifetime is to allow yourself to heal completely.Have the courage to be vulnerable as you open up your mind and heart to reveal your authentic self. May you truly raise in love. Bluesea 💧

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