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Morning Ritual

Good morning #morningRitual

Do you have a morning ritual?

I will share mine 😁

My morning is sacred before any session I love to send gratitude to all while I slowly ground into the present moment.

When I wake up I feel like being hold in a higher power from which is hard to detach do I can open my eyes and anchor in this reality.

I honestly feel how this timelines is downloaded while I’m between worlds and my travels are unacceptable to me ( some I get to remember 😀)

So I love to take my time to sync in here...while my alien was fade away and I slowly feel more human this is my morning ritual 😄

Cacao is a sacred beverage

It was gold for our ancestors and use on many Cacao ceremonies to honor the connection with Earth.

Personally it grounds me and taste delicious

The cacao was blessed and infuse with spices as a ritual to honor the food provided by the mother land.

After each ingredient was blessed and grow with sacredness then prepare from the grandmothers before you drink it you would spill a bit on earth as a form of gratitude

When you bless food or water they hold an alwueny equal to any fancy crystal

It becomes crystalline liquid life force we absorb and that is the best medicine we can do.

Blessings your food or drink takes us few seconds and makes a huge difference in our auric field

Our ancestors knew we needs it to be connected to the land, honor the moon light, gaze at the sun light and honor the starlight within and without.

Let’s share What rituals do you use as spiritual practices ✨

Sending waves of Gratitude 🤍✨

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