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My drawing of the light - Twin Golden Dragons

My drawing of the light - Twin Golden Dragons

The soul chart for comes as a higher Lemurian heart, like a rainbow child, connection with Aldebaran (angelic light), Pleione (founders of the 7 sisters in the Pleiades, priest and priestess who possesses the gift of knowledge , this tribe was founded by Lyran) Maia in Pleiades ~

They represent the knowledge of God, very technological, intelligent, intuitive and they are also healers and shamans who updated the light codes to ensure healing,

I would say that he is a Pleiadian by essence of the galaxy and lemurian as human.

He has life on the 7 planets of the Pleiades. We can say that he is pure Pleiadian. Other connections are zeta reticuli, gray essassani (future hybrid), human creator of the new earth. I can say that this soul has more life in the future than in the past and Venusian.

In addition, this Soul has a Dragon Heart that joins the Abundant heart of Gaia in the heart, its Soul can be called infinity, although the souls do not have a name, the frequency returns the symbol of infinity to me and will facilitate the connection with the golden ray that you can afford me. you create a harmonious relationship with Gaia and can effortlessly shift to a higher path.

The mission of the soul in this life is collective and it is already doing it, although it will evolve as life progresses. I see your heart and hands as gold, so everything you do will turn to gold as an alchemist and guardian of the land.

In your elemental spirit - shamanic journey to the enchanted realm of communication with the forest, flowers and animals, as well as opportunities for close encounters with the interdimensional world of the Earth Elementals (Nature Spirits). You are an express source in many aspects that complement an ancient soul.

In this image, I was shown how the spirits of nature in the beginning of Gaia amplified the vibration through the galaxy as sentinels and guardians of creation.

These spirits could be physical and create illusions in the physical and were worshiped by the first humans as gods. At the same time,these dragon beings were the representatives of the sacred spirit of fire.

Holy fire of the creation of god, father on earth and connection with the kingdoms of plants, crystals, animals, fairies and the first humans.

Their existence was so abundant that they effortlessly activated the elementals so that they could have connection with the ascended and celestial beings.

These dragons can be said to be shiftshapers Blessing from Divine Light Codes

Greeting and blessing,

Beloved one, we are honored to be here, today, to Activate glimmer of light at the edge of an intense shift ...

One of these beautiful blessings now is an increased potential and opportunity for third eye awakening!

There truly are magical new beginnings emerging for individuals and for all of humanity now with the recalibration of the planetary magnetics.

In times of challenge, there are always simultaneous blessings that arise with love and bright possibilities to glow.

Your higher self and dragon are really stepping his energy forward now to help you navigate through whatever challenges you are facing ...

And to remember and realign with more of the true essence within, brilliant soul, open heart, love flowing with divine and all of who you really are ... Immerse bright blessings, Acceptance to what is and honoring the journey that you love whatever arises in the present moment is key to claiming this opportunity to gracefully transform ... To love yourself exactly as you are, honoring the self as a blessing is an opening for higher light to enter and uplift you.

your May you truly rise in love.

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