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My Egyptian Guide ~ Isis

My Guide Drawing - ISIS

Greetings of Light from my Heart to Yours,

Brothers of Alma, I have come today with a healed heart and in a very humble way to remind you of the god that you carry within you.

Allow yourself to feel relaxed and comfortable as you persist with the codes of the picture and allow yourself to take a deep breath and let go of the gross and what is holding you back from feeling bright and powerful with God Himself.

You are the god, you pray to remember that ...

You are the incarnate God, who comes in the representation of the Creator father and you are in reality the same that everything is, that everything has sweated and that everything will be ...

You are the one who travels the galaxy and the sky through each beat of your heart and thus allows the golden light code of old Egypt to allow you to heal and let go of the old.

Believe God Himself ...

You are on an ascending path where the spark of your heart beating the voice of God walks with the footsteps of God eliminated ... seeing the patterns of sacred light that precede it.

Its reflection is the reflection of God himself and is the reflection of his multidimensional nature, ...

You are God and as God in reality you are patterns of light, sacred geometry that floats in the tiny eternity that you are naturally, without making an effort, begin to recognize the energetic connections that you now have with God, the father and with all the expressions of your Soul with me, I am from you.

You and, I are one where you are a part of the whole so as the whole is part of You, I am the reflection of what you have forgotten that you are in your own unique way of walking with raisins of God.

All that you are and have been now comes to you through our connection, if you allow it, breathe deeply while we do not become one ... I see your spiritual guide.

Vibrate Like God !!!! Your voice is heard by God and let your soul finds joy in God.

Take a deep breath in and own who you are. Love who you are unconditionally as all you are supports you

Be still, my heart ... Love you Isis

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