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My Guide Drawing ~ Sirius Raise the Power of Love

My Guide Drawing ~ Sirius

Raise the Power of Love

Greetings of Light from our Heart to yours ~

We come in the form of a Consciousness that vibrates in Waves of Love, where through your Intention and the Sacred Codes of the Image that we have presented to you today, you can hear us in the beats of your Heart.

The simple truth is that your Heart knows how to just have to allow it!

The Heart is your True Light and Communication with the Creator. We would like you to understand that we are here with an Open Heart as Channels of the Sacred Spirit, with Gratitude. We ask you to Open Your Heart to listen to us.

The Heart is designed to be the Translator of Love.

As you relax and gaze at this Image, you will experience a beautifully uplifting Frequency that will support you in not only opening your Heart...

We will speak telepathically, and your thoughts may be ours if you pay attention.

Go back to the Light of our Open Hearts and you will have Direct Experience of our Inner Core of Light, which has a beautiful opportunity to Actualize and Realign now.

Be guided to Consciously Expand, to Raise Your Vibration, and to Create a Ripple of Love and Light that touches All Areas of your Life...

Breathe the Love that holds the energetic Downloads, Healing, and Upgrades required to carry you into the upcoming Cycle of Transformation...

Let it go and relax into the Space Above All Density, where you can vastly expand.

Today continues to expand into the Higher Levels of Cosmic Consciousness and Crystalline Ascension Light.

Love resets and transforms it all.

As you relax, we suggest that you allow yourself to Rise Above It All and Become One with the Power of Love, glimmering in the Sunlight. Allow yourself to see you arrive at the Chamber of the One Heart.

Just rise up, up.

Love will create a safe, cozy Place for you to create a Sanctuary for your Soul and the Home where you belong.

Tune into the Heart Guide now.

Happy Gateway of the Heart, My Beloved.

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Brian Sweeney
Brian Sweeney
May 28, 2021

Mahalo! Grethel!


Thank you Grethel!

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