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My guide of the light Drawing

My Guide Drawing - Maurice

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Remember my dear You are your own clarity! Greetings and blessings I am Maurice and the team of guides will be speak as one from a healing circle stream love and light

My dear Be here and now as you return to your own presence dear.

We are here to help you find stillness and it is where power can be found. Consciously listen to your own needs so that you can focus your energy and not just focus on the confusion and overwhelm yourself. Come back to reboot It is crucial to return to the blissful mind. I promise that my beloved will create a powerful base to push you to a new earth frequency. Tranquility is not necessarily silenced. Even with all the outside noise you may be drawn to the energy and attention, not yourself.

Notice what you are vibrating. If you are being seduced by chaos, reset yourself and find your own center. Steadfastness becomes the tranquility of the mist to bring you back into your own presence and be seduced by the peaceful spirit and clear Divine light. Cultivate your light in a way that is not just a reaction to the outside world and can find its way through the storm to unity and truthful clarity. Now you are beautiful, you light up the sky I promise my loved ones that the blissful mind will be key in the next state of your awakening.

It will be a strong structure where the light will not easily break in the wind storm. note that each mountain has many ways of climbing and it will require your clarity to see the easiest path and flow throughout build routines and structures for peace and quiet and develop the ability to listen to your wise soul often and become your own clarity. sow intimate moments in your garden where you can sow peace and quiet in the now, releasing all stress and being in the presence of love. My dear, it is my wish that you have sacred doors of light! bright blessings my darling Maurice

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1 Comment

Danielle Riverin
Danielle Riverin
Apr 10, 2021

I love & enjoy everything you do, Grethel!💛🧡💜

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