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Divine Infusion of Light ~ Light Codes

Greetings and Blessings of Love,

Visualize this now ~ a radiant Divine Light that enters your space and allows you to feel it from your Center, shining.

Remember that you are Divine Light from your Center, a Bright Spark, leaving the old roles and entering the Eternal State of BEing that rises from all archetypes and reminds you that you are Multidimensional BEing.

The Divine Light Within You shines to make you luminescent. You are compared to an Orb of Divine Frequency and Energy that vibrates to the rhythm of Unconditional Love.

This Energy of Light, aligning you with your Highest Potentials, inspires you to set empowering intentions and to manifest your dreams to create Positive Change.

Let the Divine Light radiate in you, to live in love with your life, and to vibrate with new levels of Unconditional Love for All of Life, for All That Is.

Place your attention on the higher vibratory Highs of Love that are aligning with you now. As you rise closer and closer to your Divinity, the Higher Frequencies are available to enter you and are BEing anchored to Earth.

Now let go of the old, the dense, of what is holding you back. Free yourself in your Divine Light, to elevate yourself even higher, rising towards the Light, radiating Unconditional Love and Well-BEing IN ALL ASPECTS IN YOUR LIFE...

Breathe in the Light that shines in you and relax, knowing that everything you need you already has. Get away from what has been, from what led you to darkness, sadness, and pain. Get closer to the Divine Light and the Expression of Your Soul.

Decide to shine with your Own Light, and get away from fears and doubts. Turn to the Infinite Opportunity and Possibility before you.

Choose today to Shine High in Divine Light, while opening yourself up to New Potentials, Blessings, Joyous Events, and Momentous Occasions. Turn to the Love and the Light available here and now.

Honor the challenges that have been, the struggles that have been. Honor how far they have come and imagined that, indeed...

Let your Divine Light soothe others who are having a hard time, and let yourself pass through a Portal of Light. You are on the other side, the worst is behind you.

The best is yet to come, My Dear Angel on Earth.

With great Love, we send you Blessings and Gratitude 🙏❣️


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1 Comment

Edie Osorio
Edie Osorio
Mar 09, 2021

Thank you so much. I really needed to hear this message today. ♥️🙏🏼

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