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New earth starseed

My drawing of the light -

Galactic Earth from 2,500, Antares, Aldebaran, Orion Rigel, Mintaka, Sirius, Venus abs Pleiades Connections ~ Higher Guidance Codes of light

Greeting beloved!

We are all one connected as universal light; it is an honor to speak through this vessel from the place of love, creating a circle of healing light where you guys come and assist us holding hands and sending heart love. We are here, bringing healing and alignment to your higher self while reading the codes of light.

The energy that is emitted in this circle of light activates you in a soft and delicate way. The energy is definitely intense right now, we are going to share some guidance.

Set healthy boundaries and limit your exposure to lower frequency energies and tune out the collective fear. Return to simplicity and find your peaceful center

Learn to go back to neutrality, take a step back in perspective, and realize that you have a choice to be with positive experiences and thoughts. Choose what serves you best

Embrace every aspect of your life, embrace it all: your yin & yang, your light and the absence of light, the wholeness and the nothingness, all you are is perfect as it is...

Embrace your feelings honoring your truth and your experiences with trust, surrender to what is no matter what

Humans are creating change, it is an exciting time to be here, you are writing history in a new way and you are not trapped in the old – remember that!

Each of you are here to be a conduit of higher Light, lighting up the path for ourselves and others with grace and ease even though it may be challenging at times

Flow with what is, Allowance is key, surrendering make peace with the world in & out and allow what is happening with peace and ease

Breathe Dear One, Do not feel as if you personally need to fix the collective Earth. Sometimes trying to 'fix' things creates resistance to what is unfolding to support us in what we are here to do

Go with the flow, It is natural to feel - it is fine to feel sadness and nervousness about what is unfolding but take a breath and heart-center yourself. The universe always supports you and it's plan is to always be giving

Create your temple, your life is sacred honor, if you are at home make your space the most comfortable temple you can. This will support you to be in peace in your own sanctuary

Be the God-Goddess !! Embrace the archetype of the God/Goddess within and bear witness to this, being of service using your unique abilities to assist the collective and understanding how this can serve your own life purpose

Listen to your Internal GPS! Trust your intuition and allow your galactic brothers and sisters support and lead you, seeing how free you are even within restricted circumstances.

Have faith knowing you are blessed being on this path – it is an opportunity to expand your Soul and grow exponentially in these challenging times, to bridge the gap between Heaven and Earth

Trust your intuition and allow your galactic brothers and sisters' support to lead you, seeing how free you are even within restricted circumstances.

May your day be filled with unconditional love and peace

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