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Orion Dragon Light

Updated: Mar 6, 2021

My Guide Drawing

Light Codes of the Orion - Dragons

I AM Ryu, and my gift to you is Healing through the Codes from the Image of My Beloved.

Breathe the Image in and we are the Dragon Self Within You, expanding and BEing activated through Waves of Healing Light, from the Center of the Universe into your Heart.

We came fromOrion as seeders of consciousness before even human would exist and morph into a humanoid elemental dragon frequency that lives in a different dimension the 5th...

We are already Ascended and now you will reunite when you time come...

We defend the light by choosing to be on it eternally

As you breathe the Dragon Light, know that ultimately it’s serving to assist you in coming into greater Alignment and Harmony with your Authentic Truth and Soul Light.

Be patient with are ascending.

You’re now able to feel and channel your Soul Guidance more clearly...

These Codes of Light help you to tune into the influx of Crystalline Light flowing in through the Christed Core and unlocking from deep within Gaia...

They support you in unlocking from Past Restrictions and Limitations, to more fully embody and shine dragon Consciousness through your Unique Life Expression.

The Energy is incredible...but it quickly reveals and dislodges the deeply suppressed Wounds, Traumas and Emotions, both on the Individual and Collective Scale.

Collectively we’re very much on the edge of a whole New Way of BEing...

On the edge of truly stepping into New Levels of Joy, Vibrant Well-BEing, and Light...

Returning to Love, expanding into Higher Levels of Consciousness.

Merging with the Love and Light of your Higher Self from within the Physical...

Expanding your Consciousness, to reunite with Source, Dragon warrior Light, and all levels and layers of Your Authentic Self.

Return to Love and stay present in the moment, to allow the Light of your Heart to expand around you.

The levels of Divine Light are going to increase even more, supporting us each in Vibrating Higher, living more authentically and vibrantly in Love. And So It Is.

Keep the Light glowing...Trust God...BE kind to yourself and others...My Beloved, I AM always with you.

With Love and Gratitude,

Dragon Consciousness

Ryu warrior of Light

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