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Orion Starseed Galactic Art

In this life, the aspects connected to you are Arcturus, Andromeda, TAU ceti ( NORDIC ALIKE) Atlantis - Neptune, Venus, Avalon ( magician, gift of crystals), Mars, Orion, Maldek, Atlantis Neptunian - Galactic Center, Pleiadians, Orion Starseed, Rigel, Connection with Zeus, Hermes, Sirius A -Shamans, Sirius B, Dolphins, and whales

Orion Starseed DrawingTraNSFORMING darkness into light!!!

This is a drawing that comes to heal an aspect who chooses to vibrate in a duality paradigm alike to ours but way more extreme. Vibrating between 4D - 5D THIS WAS A WORLD WITH GREAT control and suppression.

There was a resistance movement known as the black league they attempted to fight back adding fire into the fire and they were not successful.

Many souls all over the galaxy looking for a deep transformation travel to born there some of the oppressors some as the rebels, some as magicians, some as alchemist, some as biogenetics that would hack the biology to suppress the darkness and they where seeking to spread chemistry to balance the equation.

some of those genetic manipulation was very dark oriented and ensure the empire of the oppression looking for a perfect race (alike to nazis but worst) the ships installed on the mind would give control to the dark empire and allow them to have an innumerable slave-like population easily manipulated.

The rebellion (very starwars alike) it was beings born in the oppression whom were able to hack the biology in a way they develop an immunity to the control-fear-virus.

the new star child born coming for star systems like pleidades, lyra, arcturus, vega and Sirius hybridize their DNA with they Orion's forfathers to develop complete immunity.

They were mistics, magicians, alchemist in a times of drak witchcraft and sorcery who create the white magic and they called themselve the Obsidian lodge at emerge as a new moment that emerge when the Black leage became obsolete.

In those times of darkness and injustice these children of the stars had the goal of guiding Orion to a new transformative light.

rising from the ashes like a phoenix that is reborn in inner peace reflecting the strength to make peace and not war.

warriors who exchanged weapons for shields of tolerance finding a middle point between currents to avoid conflict.

fighters who fainted for being strong and hopeful when the rest of their world lost faith.

discovering that the strength of his people came from unity and not from separation and the freedom of being, he exalted the purity and grace of the soul.

beings that stopped hiding in the insecurity of feeling protected and came to light knowing that they were protected at all times and that there was no reason to fear the outcome of any situation.

These beings have bluish skin that turns purple when they are vibrating in love.

There is a great opportunity to break with the past cycles to be able to walk in the transformation of the present and thus become the angels of the light that goes to the cosmos and that is a stable beacon rather then a light that recycles itself over and over.

Celestial civil guards who in the dream adventure give their service to the galaxy expiring the fullnest of their being in full form as a beacon a bright shinihg star for millions of years to come.

we will called him ORION y el hoy ask for forgiveness for all moments that he felt weak and fight fire with mroe fire. He wishes to be freed from the guilt of not being a leader of peace because his heart was very closed by the wounds and the fear of being more hurt.

That he is aware that many times he let love and happiness pass by his side, remaining paralyzed in his suffering.

He tells me that he felt in the infinite purgatory of his guilt and now that he has made peace with the darkest past of his soul, he asks you to have compassion and says goodbye by merging with the source.

He asks you not to go back to the past and to look only to the future with your flag of peace and love and that you only validate your experience by how happy you can be when you let the past go.

Finally, ask that when you open your heart you send light to all those aspects of the soul that live in darkness in eternal darkness that you ask for forgiveness and send love by returning them to the eternal source of love and peace.

my beloved I am always with you, with love Always Orion.

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