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Orion Starseeds

My drawing of the Light ~ Orion Anlem - Rigelian Starseeds ✨
Courageous Codes of Light 

Greetings and Blessings 

I’m Anilem from the The  orion constellation and I come to introduce our star seeds energy.

The Orion energy is intrepid, brave, and loyal, it  is also a guardian and protector from the portals of the Universe   

We are portal keepers, guardians of the light in the Galaxy and This energy is full of Love, is brave of the Heart and will be very active on the Planet.

Let your Galaxy to spark light...

When in balance, it does not harm anyone or anything, it connects with your loving and caring heart.

 His gentle courageous strength brings us harmony and peace where there are conflict and separation. 

We knows the power of it, and the power is not meant to abuse it or d

EedSo let's go back to lead a gentle brave heart vibrating in Love... Oh Yeah and with all that movement in the collective, it is good today to connect to the synergy created by this balance of the divine masculine that catalyzes the forces of creation in manifestation. This Time we must let the strength of the heart lead in love. If you want to connect with the Orion energy I invite you to listen to this light language recording that will bring the courageous feline frequency within to sparkle love. Shed love Dear Ones. Anilem, guardian of the Orion light

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