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Pleiades Elf Starbeing Guide ~ Galactic Art

Galactic Art - Pleiades - My drawing of the Light Pleione connection Aldebaran 5th dimension, Atlantis, Avalon, Hyades - Pleiades astronomer - Alcyone, Pleione - Lyra, Neptunian, Sentinel of Gaia protector of earth, Oracle of Elders of Earth (ancestors) This is a guide that today tells us a story where, as a priestess, we are guardians of the flame of love of the Universe, which is called the universal grid of time. We are beings from the high 5th Dimension who work as emissaries and guardians of the center of the galaxy where there is a flame of love that are seeds of creation. These Pleiadians are beings of light without a physical body, but we will soon transition to the 6th Dimension.

In our time, before their ascension they also had a duality system where they were able to integrate their darkness through the power of love where the priests learned to be gentle with their shadow and to strengthen the Divine Neutrality by merging shadow with love and balancing the light in its entirety honoring the shadow patiently aids the expansion and exploration of the galactic old soul encoded with the heart galaxy. In the center of the galaxy, these Pleiadian priests offer different services, including guides, pacification mediators and translators of the languages of light. These high priests are mentors to the galactic nations and serve their lower frequency soul fragments where they are taken to healing chambers or upgraded during their meditation or the astral world. the invitation of these priests is to explore the shadow where codified is the highest power and the strength of their soul. It is in its shadow that your soul expands and acquires the vastest wisdom. in duality systems the soul learns quickly and from many perspectives. In addition, the vast learning of transcendence through the power of love that guides you to release obstacles and align yourself with what you love, want and need, and helps you manifest with ease and grace automatically. Affirm each day that in your inverse your shadow and darkness is in balance! I am here today, giving you the courage and strength to stand in your power, reclaim your higher connection to Source, and experience a truly joyous, peaceful, and abundant life. Today prioritize your light and every day to joy and abundance your life. Remember that the decisions you make today will set the stage for your next steps on your ascension path. Let your light guide you... and allow the shadow to alchemize in love. Be in loving peace and ask for the help of your guides during your meditation and the priests of pleione will come to help you, guide you and give you gifts of light. Continue to choose the balance between your light and your dark through love in the present moment to ensure an ascended future in the infinity of your galactic soul. Many bright blessings pleione

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