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Pleiades Star Being Guide ~ Blue from Alcyone

Pleiades Star Being Guide ~ Blue Ray from Alcyone

Today I want to present a Guide to the Stars of the Fifth Dimension. This Guide comes from Alcyone, and will describe what your lifeline is.

Imagine with me a Planet of Light, where Light is what connects Everything That Is in a certain way. It is shown to me as if it were a sky blue Crystal that varies in multiple spectra from Blue Light, in alchemy with the Frequency of Love.

You could say that everything on your Planet is connected. As they are Fifth Dimensional Beings, they live in their spaceships that are something like Galactic Communities.

On the Planet is the only anchor with the Family of the Soul, which in this case looks like a giant Shrine of Stellar Blue Light.

The Planet looks more like a giant spherical Sanctuary Star of Light ~ something like a Blue Crystalline Gas that plays with shapes of Sacred Geometry.

From the core, a Blue Diamond initiates the Sacred Fire, where all Beings begin with a Crystalline Elemental Essence, in synchronization with the Fifth Dimension.

It can be said that the connection is with the Blue Ray, but in conjunction with the Sequence of Love.

You perceive a Happiness that fascinates you. It is as if they live drugged with Love. It seems as if there are no limits ~ on the contrary, everything that is Happiness is allowed, as long as it comes in the Love Harmony of the Fifth Dimension.

It is perceived as if everyone and everything becomes family ~ like a giant marriage, where everyone vibrates in Love and Happiness. In truth, this sounds very attractive.

I love the connection, it’s awesome! I can’t wait to vibrate at that Frequency!!

They do not use words or symbols, only sounds. It is as if their symbology is a bit like a whale would speak, so it is perceived in a higher and sharper vibration. It is difficult to explain, but that loving memory is very impressive.

Note that it is not that they have jobs or schools ~ but rather that they are dedicated to practicing Love and Happiness. It is as if it were their prayer and their communication with the Creator ~ like a party that does not end.

They explained to me that they live like Human Centenarians that do not deteriorate because they are Light. They only decide to transfer to Source. It is something like Eternal Youth, which is not bad, right?

Without contradicting or darkness, the truth is that everything flows in Love until they decide to explore other Frequencies. That is when they transition to Source. From there they decide what else is to follow in the Evolution of their Soul.

Love does not insist, it only IS…and they in Alcyone only let Love be guided and let Love know What It Really Is. They mention that it is simple. We complicate it because it is part of our experience.

So this Guide ~ that has no name because they are Love Frequencies ~ wants you to call them Blue. So that when you need Love Frequencies and Records, your greenness and Old Soul Essence, he will come and elevate you in connection with the Creator of All That Is.

This Being from Alcyone, although it seems masculine, is actually gender neutral. It can be said that they are not defined in that separation, and it gave birth to an adoration.

I hope it guides you in Love.

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