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Pleiades Starseed

My drawing of the light

Pleiades- Blue Ray starseed

This is a soul aspect and guide that shows up to you: he represents strength, wisdom your connection with your pleiadian soul.

He showed up looking very angelic, pure light flowing and emmaning from his beingness. The light codes swirling around will open the crown to create a communication channel with pleiades from Alcyone describes.

He showed me a non physical self that reflects a pure source consciousness looking as a star sparks of source energy, magnificent, I am amazed. It's mesmerizing, his essence is hard to describe, it feels like a pure bliss of heaven.

I'm not sure of the dimension but it feels 7 or 6 they work in the chambers of healing where they repattern the geometric shapes to hold newness and expand flowing in togetherness with the universe.

They work in partnership with other races and angelics since they looked indeed like angels or human in perfection I would dare to say.

The skin is translucent pearl sparkling light glowing silvery and bluish hues the entire presence of healing is hard to describe.

It feels so home, so unknown but so known at the same time, they seem to know me and smile the greetings, I love it. Each being touches each forehead and the heart sending a wave of love... since they communicate telepathically feeling is the way to communicate.

I try to do the same in my dream but It feels like time is obsolete and one second becomes everything so connected that it's a pure bliss felt in my heart.

I don't remember everything but its what I can describe in human words....

On these images and light codes, we are calling all your forgotten soul pleiadian wisdom to be download on you are now serving you for the highest good and the ease of your existence.

There are coming changes opening you to a new way of being, you will start to speak a new language, the language of your soul.

Your are being prepared to stand tall and show your brilliance and kindness to others.

Go with the flow .....

Prepare for the new....

Download your soul wisdom into your now, be the stillness you want to see in the world.

Be the unity consciousness to would love to see in your planet, be the radiance around you.

Lead by your example.....

Feel the sun beaming light from the stars on your beingness like a shower of radiance being one with all at the pace of the universe.

Feel the energy matching your own radiance, feel equally unique and complete. Be the knowingness, the togetherness accompanied by your soul radiant and activate the wisdom in you, feel the strength and tenacity that relays in your ancient Thank you Grethel

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