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Pleiades Starseed Galactic Art

Drawing of the LIGHT - Pleiades This is a Pleiadian Soul aspect who comes today swirling white light in an alchemy of Love. When I tuned into her energy she was glowing floating in a bubble of cosmic Plasmic LIGHT.

I could percibe a Crystalline Plane when the Light is highly interactive to be seen ...and it felt peaceful as with a sense of spacious within myself.

On the image thee can perceive a Crystalline Temple of Rejuvenation which brings a relax state to your whole body, from head to toes thru these calming LIGHT Codes. Pleiadian Energy is soft, it has a tendency to feel slightly feminine as it provided a confort sense overall , and allowing a complete state of serenity.

In this plane Torre are Ascended Beings of a 5 dimension who work in a constant state of Love. This plasmic state allows Beings from all over tha Galaxy to receive a recalibration from this Pleiadians , we can say they are Light Doctors.

Light Language and Vibrational Tones heal while the negativity is drawn away and released. As you gaze at the image elevate yourself in the power of the Pleiades LIGHT to create a room inmerged with Peace for thee to be, as your Aura is cleansed and lifted while you travel to your oversoul.

This is Alcyone and even thou they look very alien and galactic at the same time she has choosen a form that represented the pure grace of her Soul. In this dimension they work with patterns of LIGHT, they had learned to re pattern with Sound and Healing.

When you choose to connect with her use your intention and as you remember this imagen you will be sending a telepathic communication that will be replayed in your auric field with a boost of Love Frequencies.

Through this sign, the Divine Realm wants you to know that you are not alone. Your Guides are right there with you. They want to help you make life more meaningful. Of course, your Divine Guides will only offer suggestions. Give yourself this moment to cultivate a sense of tenderness as you evolve.

After you tune into their frequencies into this soft LIGHT Language Vibration with Pleiadians where they give us healing and messages to understand our spiritual path for thee to become balanced and neutral.

Neutrality is the field in which you, along with a Creation Field , immerse into an abundant LIGHT and raise yourself into the Galaxy.

A remembrance of your original LIGHT will come while you engage with the image. With love your Pleiadian Guides

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