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Pleiadian starseed legacy & history

soul chart and code  Pleiades light

Overall of your soul chart!!!The starseed soul card came from the Pleiades with strong influences from Venus. These Starseeds are visionaries and winners.

They are no strangers to fighting and can be fierce. Despite the many difficulties that seem to follow them in life, they thrive in those moments when you have to use your natural abilities to persevere in adversity. I also found elemental fragments of angel and dragon which are mixed with aspects of fairy, elf and sky deity. Yes, with particles of sidereal frequency which harmonizes the elements of the earth's atmosphere and the air that we can breathe. Let's say they are tiny angels that at molecular level express themselves at the quantum level.At the same time it represented the magic of the knowledge of the sister stars of Pleiades.

This soul shows lives in the 7 so-called Pleiades were seven sisters. Their names were Maia, Electra, Alcione, Taigete, Asterope, Celaeno, and Merope. At the same time, it reflects aquatic aspects in Hydra, Sirius, Atlantis, Lemuria.That mixes  your  soul with the essence of great abstract thinkers and they have multiple talents. People born on this day have great abilities, but they are reckless and sometimes unstable. There are lives as a Nordic, and a warrior in Asia and also a native in Central and North America.The aspects of the shadow reflect connection with the gray race, and of zeta reticuli and of nibiru. Being able to show a craving for recklessness, they are usually quite shy about it. you have to learn to stabilize emotions through protection in love and peace.Now just from your pleasure's essence this is what came through...Pleiadians:

The Star Beings of Love and UnityHave you ever heard of the Pleiadians? If not, then this is your guide to discovering the magnificent beings of the Pleiades star system. The Pleiadians are interdimensional beings said to hail from the star cluster known as the Pleiades.

They have captured the attention of spiritual seekers and conspiracy theorists for their alleged wisdom, psychic abilities, and role in Earth's spiritual evolution.The Pleiadians are believed to have originated as descendants of their Lyrian ancestors who founded the Pleiades star system. Actually in the akashic records it is said that they came from another plant In Pleiades there is a star known as Taygeta, orbiting around Taygeta we find planet Erra.

There are varied appearances but they are usually very aesthetic and humanoid in appearance, with a tall and thin physique. His skin is a shade of light blue, gold, white, and copper, and dark as obsidian. In some cases they appear as Nordic, in other cases they appear to be of Korean origin but with larger eyes. Some struck me literally with the alien stereotype and almond eyes.

But there are others that seem to resemble humans with American characteristics and very shamanic, the second with a golden color and cat eyes rather like an exotic being from the Mediterranean and the last ones that I have seen look like a type of African royalty with exquisite color like ebony and blue eyes like the sky which gives a beauty between unique and magical.When they are human, they usually have cat eyes, and their eyes shine, and a beauty that stands out.

They are also known for their notable physical traits, such as their high cheekbones, narrow noses, and pointy ears.Beyond their physical features, the Pleiadians are revered for their spiritual beliefs and practices. They emphasize the importance of love, unity and oneness as the fundamental principles behind all existence.Pleiadians are considered master healers and believe that love is a powerful force that can heal all ailments. They also believe in the concept of group consciousness, which suggests that individuals can harness their collective power to achieve greater spiritual awareness.His magic is Knowledge, Integrity, Righteousness, and Mastery.

One of the most fascinating aspects of the Pleiadians is their unique psychic abilities. They are believed to possess telepathic and telekinetic powers, allowing them to communicate with beings from other dimensions and manipulate physical objects using their minds. They also have a deep understanding of energy healing, which involves tapping into the body's energy field to release negative energies and promote healing.

The role of the Pleiadians in the evolution of the Earth is highly appreciated by those who follow their teachings. They are believed to have been assisting humanity in their spiritual growth for thousands of years. His contributions to humanity include teachings on meditation, energy healing, and the importance of environmental stewardship. Many believe that the Pleiadians are here to help usher in a new era of spiritual enlightenment and awakening on Earth.

In conclusion, the Pleiadians are a fascinating group of beings with a rich history and belief system. Known for their physical attributes, spiritual practices, psychic abilities, and their role in Earth's evolution, the Pleiadians continue to capture the imagination of spiritual seekers around the world. Whether you believe in their existence or not, their message of love, unity, and oneness is a timely reminder of the importance of coming together for the good of humanity. And I would like you to reflect on that mastery that is the knowledge of God and that through this code that activates your blueprint as a Pleiadian and the meditation that you share you reactivate your connection as a star seed, and so be it.

Pleiades Heart Chakra Light Language Meditationhttps:soul chart and code  Pleiades light

May these words, code and transmission be valuable, helpful and for the highest outcome for all.With love Grethel

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