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Pleiadians I Pleone Galactic Art - Elf Type

Pleiadians I Pleone Galactic Art - Elf Type

The Old Soul has a strong Pleiadian essence and combines to be in tune with their previous incarnations as starseeds, which facilitates the connection with this celestial energy of the Archangel Sandalphon in connection with Earth and the elemental realms specially the connected with water and water beings like mermaids, dolphins and whales.

At some point on Earth these magical beings left the ocean to become amphibians and then decided to return to the ocean and evolve into a more elemental essence, their function is to chemise the magnetic meridians of Earth, being connected through their Heart Chakra as by telepathy. Their sounds harmonize the magnetic resonance of the collective and all Gaia kingdoms.

In the Galaxy the being of the drawing comes from Pleone's Pleiades as a descendant of the first Lyrians who survived the war that almost destroyed the Galaxy in this life line.

That family was very united and decided to work in the Frequency of Love and Happiness, as they aligned with pure soft and angelic frequencies that guided them, thru Blue Ray and Celestial Beings of creators of universes and founders of the Universe.

Another lives in the Galaxy range from Orion, Sirius, Vega, Antares, Hydra, Grays, Andromeda.

Pleone stops a fantasy world in this line life as out of movies of magicians and sorcerers, it shows me how in the schools, through Love, they helped each Soul to find and identify their own magic by letting the Soul be.

They seem all very aesthetic in a physical appearance, a lot of brightness and the mayor shine through their bodies, also the external beauty is appreciated because in that reality it is perceived as the Soul temple, so men, women and neutrals adore and exalt their body.

It is part of the custom to worship the body and share Self-love as well as Love for your family and community ... that is why it makes it a magical place.

If there is something to be learned it is to develop Love in different ways and at different levels, working with 2 frequencies in simplicity, practicality and Love as a synonymous and being aligned with Source.

It is perceived that they studied these frequencies and learn from each other, they also observe and take notes where they improved. The biggest challenge is the integration of the shadow where they vibrate in a high 4 dimension to transition to the fifth when the group reaches harmony at the level of Unconditional Love as a constant emanation.

Love is the beginning and the end, as it is the guide during the journey in separation.

With Love your guides, Pleiadians

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