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Pleiadians who are they?

They are from the blue ray and in their essence Pleiadians are Masters of Love and Oneness!

I’m sure you have heard…If not, then this is your guide to discovering the magnificent beings of the Pleiades star system. I’m sharing an album of light codes and a meditation to connect with their essence.

The Pleiadians are interdimensional beings said to hail from the star cluster known as the Pleiades.

Their magic is Knowledge, Integrity, Righteousness, and Mastery.

One of the most fascinating aspects of the Pleiadians is their unique psychic abilities.

They are believed to possess telepathic and telekinetic powers, allowing them to communicate with beings from other dimensions and manipulate physical objects using their minds.

They also have a deep understanding of energy healing, which involves tapping into the body's energy field to release negative energies and promote healing.

The role of the Pleiadians in the evolution of the Earth is highly appreciated by those who follow their teachings.

Pleiades Heart Chakra Light Language Meditation

@Shed a light

@Encoded Frequency

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