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Prayer to Manifest Romantic PartnerShip

Twin Flame drawing ~ Soul Reunion ~ Prayer to manifest your Divine Partner in the Physical.

This image reflects a soulful encounter in the spirit world where beloveds design the momentum In Time to meet again and enjoy the journey together.

The mission is to love and master the journey to love in a constant state of becoming to be each other motivation to become Love.

The joy to meet again is reflected in their faces, true intimacy to create a safe space to be with the Need to entertain. 

Holding a sacred space to heal, grow, connect and learn the art of Love. The emerald green light represents the lineage that in this case is angelic in nature from the seed of the Soil of the Archangel Raphael end the emerald green ray this soul are healers be essence, Magicians, Alchemist and speakers of the heavens in its own essence.

Many lifetimes write a story and an adventure traveling the ride to the Soul evolution through the power of Love.

The Gold Ray represents the Christ Consciousness that is the Highest Aspect from whom they will go back and ascend to the Source at the end of the Journey to rewrite new dazzling ways to explore the Universe within and around by a constant state to be Love, to love and be loved as the Mastery chosen as the Ultimate mission.

I am adding a prayer  to manifest romantic love, feel free to adjust it accordingly to your heart voice. ❤️ 

I am creating in my mind the type of Romantic partner deeply desire to evolve the mastery of love. 

The Soul that attracts like my partner will be very easy to find, fast and simple because it’s agreed between Soul to experience the best alignment with the divine harmony.

 My beloved and I create a safe space to love and be loved as we grow together. Communication, compatibility and being open to work it out with respect to the Soul is shared at the multidimensional level. 

Being committed to grow, learn. Heal knowing that my inner work it’s my own responsibility and being willing to attract from the best part of me. As he equally does his own inner work all is given comes reciprocal way vibrating in elevated love. 

My beloved is a reflection of the best of me and of being spiritual, responsible, healthy, strong, loving, honest, powerful, loyal, compatible, good communication, stable, abundant, faithful and in perfect balance.

I lovingly reset my points of attraction now and decree that I attract a successful romantic partnership aligned with a life project, in harmony with the family, transparent, with integrity in neutrality between Giving and receiving with reciprocal exchange of loveFreedom to love comes in harmony to be me in my fullness and letting be my beloved with respect for its own wishes to become.

Love is a constant state of becoming to be willing to coordinate as a team for the goodness for relationship as individuals and as a team.With me he will find love, happiness, loyalty, patience, understanding, and I will love to follow him wherever he leads me.

My beloved knows with clarity what he wants to become for its own legacy and supports my own as we evolve together. 

I completely trust my beloved wisdom and know that I’m considered in all of my beloved choices taking care of my wellness.All my beloved actions are to protect, honor, support a safe space to love as we walk together in a path that leads to master life lovingly.

My beloved and I connect at all levels, physical, mentally, emotionally and spiritually as our values, purposes and path crosses in the same timelines in human form we are aware about how we meet again and over throughout the universal time and the eternal infinity each atom and particle of us is divinely unified in sacred Union.

Every moment of making love is a heaven exchange as our wholeness meditate to be a portal for God to come through and bless our Union until we become holy and one with creator of all. The sacredness in which we treat each other always from a point center in our hearts.

The mission is to vibrate in immaculate conception as miraculously unfold in infinite potentials one next to another in a process of becoming each other temple of the Soul.Every challenge is an opportunity to evolve and become stronger, wiser and connect deeper with the power of Love.   

The connection is so easy, as the equilibrium always meditate a true sincere and open connection any misunderstanding is easily cleared and rectified making the relationship easy to experience. 

The romantic relationships is equally cared for both as feels so safe to love every moment is a new way to explore our mission to love taking for granted that is so coherent with grace.I am so center in my heart that in the same frame work that together we grow, dwell and expand our affects awakening the passion to live and to do, have things to constantly love.

It feels so honest, loyal, transparent, soulful, balance, sincere, loving and tender and wonderful offerings to love. Every exchange is honored looking forward to co~create more moment that spontaneously will bring joy in our journey.

My Good will vibrates huge in my heart and a healthy body, mental and emotional health in balance, ready to give and receive, and match a beloved ready give me the same reciprocal willingness in the perfect synchronicity of love.

I invoke infinite intelligence of the creator right now that I trust completely that my beloved and I are already aligned in paths and we instantly recognize each other’s Soul with knowingness that is gracefully unfolding in the highest outcome for all.

My higher self and my beloved higher self become one at the level of spirit where we all are loft up as we constantly tune into the elevated love romance is amplified in our hearts and share constantly and naturally.

In my eyes my beloved transmit peace and gratitude for all the love that is giving at all levels and in my beloved eyes the best version of my is reflected.Finding each other is easy and simply as the universe is constantly finding ways for us to keep loving each other effortlessly.

At all times, in all dimensions and all that we love fits perfectly to draws naturally as the infinite wisdom in me as my higher self is bringing us together in perfect synchronicity for all that is and for the highest and highest good.Recognizing ourselves is instantaneous, simple and in a deep connection at all levels.

At this time I send this request to my higher self who knows howThis intention is fulfilled I am thanks for the perfect answer that creates, upgrade a new agreement between our souls that equally benefit each other highest outcome and the highest outcome for all. In the rightful way, in divine order and I’m grateful because it’s already done, so this is.I’m attaching a playlist of 88 light language meditations that will assist you to align to the highest and best outcome for ll

Shed a light!

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