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Pure Pleiadian Soul The 7 Pleiadian types

My Drawing of the Light - Pure Pleiadian Starseed The Soul Chart comes as a Higher Lemurian Heart, as a Rainbow Child, connection with Aldebaran ( angelic light) , Pleione ( founders of the 7 sisters in Pleiades, priest and priestess who hold the gift of knowledge, this tribe was founded by Lyran) Maia in Pleiades ~ they are healers and shamans who upgraded Light Codes to ensure healing, I would say is a Pleiadian by essence of the Galaxy and Lemurian as human. It has life in all the 7 planets in Pleiades..we can say it is pure Pleiadian. Other connections are Zeta Retaculi, Essassani ( hybrid in the future) grey, new earth human creator. I can say this Soul has more life’s in the future than in the past. Meropy is a healing center and for you also had incarnation in Maia.

In Pleiades there is such a big race we can really categorize it in all blond because it is not. This pleiadian has all kinds of colors however the tendency in your lineage feels a free society where the main focus is to be happy.

Your Pleidian Souls are very joyful and also have a perfect balance between masculine and femenine and the only thing they were not good at was to integrate the shadow. It was a tendency to avoid the unpleasant and only along with pleasant, joyful and in your timeline they look white, dark skin and cat eyes. I would dare to say you are a typical Pleidian even though you have some Lyran genetics, this is where you connect with Dragons.

The Alcyone aspects of you are more androgenous and nordic, almost like a human albine looking all white and these are very highly evolved beings who function as guides in 6 dimensions.

The Pleidian aspect of you form merope embraces, the divine femenine in a very high level, these Pleidians work with the Universal Laws and Frequencies of Love and I am observing that many other Pleidians from other Stars travel to receive healing and I am seeing you teach universal concept and quantum consciousness.

Life in Pleiades was a very happy life and it feels to me you were so comfortable that you did not wanted to leave but after a while you felt stuck and not challenged and decided to born in Oiron, Sirius and Earth. The Pleidian formed electra technology oriented, a futuristic quantum innovator of new technology that supports consciousness to be seeded in artificial intelligence.

Pleone - Lyran - Pleidian healer descendant of Oraphim we can say is a pure Blue Ray and also connected with the Emerald Green Order, which are a race of healers. The Pleiades aspect from Taygete is a Warrior of Love, they were very connected to the Heart Chakra, when you where there a new civilization was initiated, so you had to disconnect yourself from the past identity war- alike. For survival your family and you mutated to worshop Love.

in this new civilization and this is the aspect form the drawing they innovate new templates for their Soul and learn to be shamans and healers. It took courage to integrate the shadow and learn to be in unity with all civilians and to summon Love, furthermore anything else. In this timeline you were part of the Galactic Federation of Light, I saw several motherships traveling all about the Galaxy. In this timeline

Taygete is more like a station for a mothership, your family and you were doing several missions assisting the Galaxy to keep the Peace. When you family and you migrated here in this timeline, the Lyra - Draco war was destroying the Galaxy, it was when the Galactic Federation of Light was created to ensure the Peace.

This life teaches you to stand in your power and take responsibility for your life. Fear is the opposite of this vibration. As you practice bringing inner peace to your Heart, rather than focusing on what other people are doing, you can start to heal the collective consciousness. Today, focus on breathing, meditating and radiating the energy of Love from your Heart. Truth will be illuminated.

The more proactive you are about honoring YOUR truth, the more easily you can manage this electrifying energy.⁠⁠ As you are learning new things and a whole new way of being now!, you might feel uncertain about your next steps.⁠ ⁠This is all part of the process of expanding your Soul.

Today, reflect on how you can find peace, amidst the panic, and simplify your life so you can experience more Joy. With Love... your Guides

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