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Pure Pleiadian Starseed Galactic Art

The soul chart for this Starseed comes as a higher Lemurian heart, as a rainbow child, connection with Aldebaran (angelic light), Hydian (white Lioness), Pleione (founders of the 7 sisters in Pleiades, priest and priestess who hold the gift of knowledge, this tribe was founded by Lyran) Maia in Pleiades ~ they are healers and shamans who upgraded light codes to ensure healing, I would say is a Pleiadian by essence of the galaxy and Lemurian as human. It has life in all the 7 planets in the Pleiades. We can say it is pure Pleiadian.

Other connections are zeta retaculi, essassani (hybrid in the future) gray, new earth human creator. I can say this soul has more life’s in the future than in the past.

oour Ancestor form Aldebaran came from the lineage of Archangel Michael, they were blue ray that mix with the lyrans and evolve as rainbow ray. In Aldebaran is a planet that in the original life in the very frist incarnation feels like your parent were part of the fleet and always kinda involve with huge mission alike to our military force would be.

We can describe them as celestial guardians that connected directly with the Archangels and the Above angels such as the thronos who were king of the generals and were in charge as authorities and powers of the universe. These angels look like a merkaba, made of rings of light swirling around. Their job was to enforce the Council of Light's laws for the universe so that the cosmos works in harmony, as the creator designed it to function throughout all of its many intricate connections. and this would be the highest ancestor in your OverSoul.

The Hydian are white lions and lioness connected to the white tiger of Andromeda descendent of the lyrans and very closely align with the spiritual warrior as protector of the weak and spiritual warriors of the light.

Pleiades was a very comfortable and loving place to be where people just love to be joyful and happy and very much everything was allowed as long as you were in the light and not hurting anyone. and you love that free loving, wise spirit and travel along all the planets of Pleiades and stay there for centuries and you will come to earth and grow and help humanity to evolve.

I found many incarnations from our future as hybrid and as a golden human in the future when humanity ascends. doing many different jobs and functions perhaps the similarity is that your soul always shares wisdom and with that we can say you are a keeper of wisdom.

Your story is a multidimensional soul. It's written in the stars. If you think your plans are set in stone, the Universe will have some surprises for you. Even though Change is inevitable, you are always in the bright side of the horizon. There will be plot twists. if you feel channel go within and find your peace your guides share. Here on Earth, your guides explain we are integrating the divine feminine and masculine and to explore our spirituality in this system of Duality even though you are still part of the Galactic federation where all races keep the peace. Here on earth even though it is a long and hard mission and in between you always go back to pLeiades. We don't have that type of unity like that one we have on pleiades, however your guides said we are integrating our spiritual side and getting closer to unity and everyday it gets better and better. Your legacy is all written about the stars and you are such a spiritual seeker and guide that one of the main life lessons you are learning is how to find harmony within polarity. In doing so, we are also learning the power of co-creating with the Divine. Your guides today encourage you to co-create through the power of love. It's your energy that draws all things to you, When you heal the fear, pain, and trauma within you, go within and bring light. Light, that is the wisdom of your Soul and your Legacy. Shine bright, with love your Guides

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