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Galactic Art Sirius

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

My drawing of the light - Higher Self - Sirius Essence

this soul chart has spirit has a strong Lion personality and an entrepreneurial spirit the masculin is very strong and connected Sirius A- B, high priests women shaman very simple life and spiritual oriented and the masculine side feels very dragon lion fierce type that migrate to earth to seed higher consciousness doing healing work in many of our aborigen lives with (Nords Gods, France, england, Scotland greece, Atlantis, Rome, christ consciousness, Egypt, Native, Hermes, Poseidon, Dragon Spirit , Elementals. You have a very strong divine masculine however your divine femenine function as the ascended aspect of you. And from the many aspects in the galaxy your soul has i would say the essence is Sirius, Orio, Lyra, Pleiades, aldebaran and Greys.

Venus - emissary role of LOVE, I am seeing that in a future life you become more involved with the Sirian Council of light thanks to the work you are doing now on earth Mars - it looks like a humanoid with a strong angelic connection and more enlined the desire for action and physical energy. This drawing feels your higher self who is the whole of every soul aspect you have ever had, have and will have. Higher self shows up as the Goddess of the Air. You can call her Apsara. The energy felt very angelic but at the same time grounded, magical, mystical, celestial a goddess a muses and they inspire love on earth and in paradise. this aspect of you came accompanied with a mystical hawk Apsara comes today to give you light on the path and to sow love when your beliefs are being confronted. What you once knew to be true may now have a shadow of a doubt. have faith in the light that emanates within you. As you and the world change, it can be terrifying ... And when you feel that take hold of the light and strengthen your divine soul your magical soul and of pure light today enlace in your divinity In these transformative times, you may have important revelations about the talents you want to share with the world. wrap yourself in its light so that you can feel at peace when you feel restless if you are not expressing your true soul purpose. let your mind find peace and calm Listen to the emotions stirring within you. You are being guided towards your calling. Let go of your attachments to your security and set your sights on your dreams. If you stay true to yourself, you will always find your way. It's okay not to know all the answers now. This is a period of discovery. Tune your heart to know what is right ⁠in your divine soul Take your time and don't rush! ⁠ ⁠ patience is the tool of the divine sage Enjoy the journey ⁠in love that lights up for your light ascended in Grace, with love, Apsara

With love Grethel

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