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Quan Yin Art

Quan Yin Drawing

The Inner Voyage is deep. Not only is it deep because it is considered to be inside us. It needs a Great Teaching and having had a Great Learning, above all. You have the choice to start that Excursion ~ to unexpectedly take the Soul Ride necessary to reach that which is a Great Destiny ~ Yourselves. They know where they are going, but they are afraid to go through the Lake that will be full of Mystery ~ that Lake of Paradox, of the Doubts and Truths of Life ~ to realize Who They Are and Where They are Taking Off. When you go deeper into the Adventure of the Soul, into the Vastness of the Heart, Love will Lead You. The Mind takes you down confusing Roads, and makes you reach Unknown Places ~ unknown, completely unknown to you and to the Outside. The Surface can not know that most remarkable Road of Life, or even the deeper one of his Mentality. Even less the simple lines, unique to his Soul. Then it will be completely unknown to enter, to penetrate the Essence. If you yourselves do not endeavor on that Excursion Within, it will be very difficult for the Outside World. At the End of the Journey of Life, it is not designed so that it is the Outsider who has to live that trip, but Yourself. In the Inner World of the Soul, there are Great Dualities ~ those situations that are sought, and those that do not want to be found. They seem to be Contrasts of Existence. In the Existence of a Being, they want to go to places that they also strive to not find. They know that if they find those places, they would face a Truth that could hardly be bared. That is a certainty. Existence is raw for those who are not in the Wisdom of understanding that everything that compliments a reality is Growth. When they seek to reach a place, but also hope to not find it, those places arrive unexpectedly and are not known. They are the Detailed Experiences of Life Itself. It is necessary to be able to comprehend that there is something much deeper than accessing Everything. As you understand that the Journey to the Psyche is complex, to the extent that you do not understand yourself, you will also understand that this can help you find the True Examination of Your Existence. In solitude, that True Examination of Your Existence only arises in those who have the ability to adore Who They Truly Are. Who are they, really? They are that Concepts that you have of yourselves and your life. It is not what the World can tell you what they are.

Earthly Learning is not Simply Learning, since it takes enough elements to be able to say that it has been learned. The Learning of the Human Body is that it is an Existencial Marvel through being what materializes that Great Reality, that Great Existence, and that Great Being. It is the Journey in the Mind that will try to define, to controvert everything that you live. But above all, it is everything that you learn, even when you consider that you are learning it. There will be something in that Inner Stability that will be a detractor of your Knowledge ~ the constant struggle of an Endless Contradiction that you are among what you understand, what you seek, but also what you do not expect to find. Everyone wants to find Knowledge, but they also strive to not find it. If they established this, there would be turmoil in that Existence. In addition, there is furthermore the Voyage Inside the Soul that is the most fascinating. It is the one that enables himself to see his Soul’s greatness, that can see and comprehend the covering of the Greatness that is in God, in the Divinity, and in its equivalents ~ the Enchantment of Existing. Blessed Be, Quan Yin 💜

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