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RA Drawing

My Guide Drawing - Divine Masculine Consciousness Ra Greetings my beloved, I am RA and I am here as a glowing light within your heart that shines pure source consciousness. Gold and green healing Divine Masculine Light to bring a gift from heaven.

Activate the Divine Masculine within you to release the load on your shoulders in a million pieces.

Activate the Divine Masculine and free yourself from unnecessary emotional burdens to maintain a state of peace and full serenity in perfect harmony with what is.

Raise your vibration today by finding that point of serenity as you Activate the Christ and holiness knowing that all that is has a certain time to grow and evolve in the divine plan. Activate the Divine Masculine Light- little by little with practice it can be obtained by choosing happy thoughts, looking for the positive side of the experience.

Today, I decide to let go and embrace the peace and serenity of your Divine Masculine escence.

Today, decide to choose to Activate the Christ Light and feel filled with calm and stillness as you trust that everything will happen in its own time. The Universe will give me everything you desire when it is the right time my dear. Breathe in love and patience... Feel at ease while waiting, the heart opens in the center of the christ calm and drifting happily. Pause to listen to the heart, my dear..feel content to wait. Breathe in and out the Divine Masculine light from the image.

Relax the muscles in your jaw and neck and have all the patience in the world as you are filled with holiness and peace. The Universe has divine timing and listens with patience and love-filled with calm acceptance. All good things are coming to you my dear as you gently release expectations. Feel a safe space for others. As I breathe, I take space to relax and enjoy the journey. valiant in the love and brave in peace.

Your heart is open to miraculous things happening to you and honors the time it takes for everything to manifest. Trust the Universe’s timing. Be committed to your soul’s purpose, regardless of how long it takes. Healing takes time, embrace the process, go gently and patiently while the universe conspires in your favor, my dear. with love RA

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