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Reptilian Guide

Benevolent Repilian Spirit Guide From my experience nothing happens to us and everything is responding to us spiraling around our experience as humans. Other can have other definitions different than me and it's ok, this is my way to explain guides. Who are Reptilians? i do belive all stories have two side of the coin and of course you will have dark and light in each of us This drawing it was requested comes from a benevolet Reptilians who came for the constelaiton of Orion when their planet was destroys overwar. when they got here benevolent and the dark ones god into a fight over the control of the planet with other races including the ones from dark and light of course all was high 4 dimentonal races. it was decided earth to be encapculated from alien influences and many aliens decide instean to born here and create the change as humans and starseeds seed it earth. Aliens who the hell are they? Us!!! They represents us each hold a unique archetype that mirrors humans and we reflect them too, angel are other representation from our divine God within, and demons yes our shadow are a representation from our inner world that battles fragmented us are the ones who separate us from the whole. The little voice that says " you're not worthy ", " oh no, they betrayed you again ", " I don't think you are capable of " and so on that is part of our reptilian brain Who leads us? It's our Choice..... we can live from the place of wound, from the victim, from the hurt one, the unworthy one or we can say you know what " thank you but I no thank you I don't need you to lead me" stopped breath in reset whatever is going on and feel the expansion, the place from where I feel whole, worthy, valuable, peaceful, loved, cherished, supported and so on. They choice is unique from each of us to choose different! As self empowerment is something difficult to teach since the choice comes from within. Everything is connected everything is a mirror a reflection from the inner world, as above so below..... The lives you have live and the lives you live now and the ones you will experience is all in the now. Our guides represent aspects of us in the level of awareness of consciousness we have and in the power of choice we dwell to create newness. Guides often evolve with us they changed we are all helping each other to expand and evolve. I can't start with brokenness and bondage and end up at meeting my lower level my fragmented self that represents hurt, pain, hate, etc. When we as human living in separation placed ourself back into my knowingness from the view of the soul we merge with our higher levels divinity, wholeness, purity, kindness, etc. I fully rooted my back in the flow of the harmony resonance of all I left the Caterpillar that lives in zombieland and became the butterfly and that color of our wings will be our guides the aspects of us that are aligned with the light in us, with the God of us. So as I said before no happened to me and everything responded to me when we are soul we can see our reflection in our guides that Express in a higher spectrum of the consciousness. Higher or lower it doesn't have nothing to do with quality or value ! It just represents a different positioning in the spectrum of the consciousness that we are. We are energy that has life, that is smart and and its wrapped in skin that holds patterns of belief in a temporary experience that is Completely Connected with the other aspects of ourselves that Express in other realms. We affect them and they affect us since we are all one and even tho we can have billions of years in advancement in linear time. We merge in the middle when we sre open to see beyond the human restrictions and open to the soul point of view. Talk to yourself like you would do to an archangel, prepare your food as if the elohim will join your journey, be the teacher as a pleidaians would be the healer the arcturian will be, and so on. Shed a light!!! Invite your higher aspects to dive with you in physically be the magic, be the master, be the inner peace that is the greatest gift humans can give to our world. When i feel my guides I normally cried there so much love I don't even know how to describe it. Explore your soul, meet your guides, allow the universe to support you to cherished you allow all energy to grow in harmony with you

All my love Grethel

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I also don't buy into the "all reptilians are bad" either. They are welcome on my land and they know it.

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