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Rise the Light!

This is the message that comes through the image below.

Codes comes through a swirling vortex as ancient aspects from the OverSoul are downloaded as you accept them. It’s easier to imagen that you become the image and Illuminate your energy when you meditate.

Visualize your become the light that flows to create codes of light.

The light codes are coming from the wisdom of your Soul interwoven tones, sacred geometry and inspiring ideas to create New from the Old.

Innately Creative aspects come to build a new structure and blend in your psychic as you receive them.

Rádiate the Light!

Your mind recalibrate and organize the experience of your Soul. Your Spirit rejoice in the physical as molecules regain a new way to emanate consciousness as you are becoming You.

Raise from the old to the New and reclaim what is instantly available for you.

Rise the Light!

See light codes as a reflection of what you are, observe them from your own projections as the living image of your spirit in flesh.

Realize all feelings and thoughts are patterns that encoded messages interlaced in frequency. All that is meant to be yours transforms from what it was into what you are becoming decoding a new programming as consciousness expresses through you.

Rise, Reborn and thrive in your Light!

Turn your light up ul and you're being with the eternal radiance of your light.

Move into the vibration of love, hope, and gratitude with this angelic light language

@Shed a light

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