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Seraphims Light Language

Angelic Self-Drawing ~ Seraphims I am the Seraphina my beloved one, In a circle of Love, and Love I greet you. As we stream healing Gold frequencies from Heaven to be downloaded, into your field. As you give consent please, deeply breathe, and release any resistance. This healing, is a service for the Self and service for Humanity. Where you will be shown your ways, in which you use your energy. In the past, to create lower timelines. As you choose to create that reality. This understanding, is the very basis for how we will begin, to bring healing, and bridge. The gap between the ideas of Creation, from a 3rd-dimensional bases, lower perception to wrap yourself in the light. In such a way, to transcend the lower, and shift into a New and Higher frequency bases. In Love, to create different situations that are the basics of “ I” Unity Consciousness. Dearest, now is a great time to reflect, a little, and create an opening for you to receive, anchor, and embody a Higher level of Light! And Divinely co-creating some positive changes in life.

Being aware of these powerful, self-reflection insights, so you can clarify where you are. This is the moment to choose to level up and where things are really going, to take you to the next level. When we have a pretty significant energy shift in and out. Align with your core intention, with your highest light, embrace the Gold, expand the wings, and fly High as you ground your light. Breathe, feel how you gently become balanced, it is natural to focus your attention. In action in alignment with your highest intention. Be kind to yourself, remember that the energies are illuminating, and shining in a lit light. Where you still need to transform. Be willing to shift into Gold. It is our highest desire, your light shines bright Gold codes of Peace, Love, and harmony. We bring this Peace, Love, and Harmony through this engagement. In a time, where it is difficult to balance to these harmonics. with Higher Love, Seraphina

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