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My Drawing of light #SERVICES

Would you like to know how your Drawing of LIGHT looks like?

a drawing of the light represents your aura the map of your soul interwoven in codes of light and the image of an avatar who comes to be at your support

arent you curious to know who shows up?

This can include - Elementals, Higher Self, Multidimensional Star Being/Aspect, Angel/Ascended Master, Twin Flame, Your Spirit Animal, Guides.

*Service Includes Painting, 20 minutes Text chat to connect with your Higher Self/Team, and Channeled Message:

I will need a picture of you and your intention for the drawings while we chat and discuss the aspect the comes to be drawn

*Light language Art with a message encoded in frequency.

*Let your Higher Self and choose the Avatar (an aspect of your Soul comes to ASSIST YOU & decide what you need the most during this time and space for your highest good.

Allow me to connect with your team and they decide what you actually would benefit most from! Allow the universe to work for you and show you!

*The drawing is sent by email within 30 days of delivery digitally by email


Note: Publishing and Copyrights are retained by Encoded Frequency

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