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Sharing today tips to find peace 🤍

Hello beautiful Souls May your weekend be full of magic today I am Sharing tips ~ How yo find Peace!

How to remain Peaceful during this time of collective chaos

Sharing my own guidance....

• Exposure - Limit your time to the news media and tune out the collective fear. Return to simplicity and find your peaceful center

• Neutrality – take a step back in perspective and realize that you have a choice to be with positive experiences and thoughts. You are not a slave to negative circumstances. Choose what serves you best

• Vulnerability – Embrace your feelings honoring your truth and your experiences and with trust, surrender to what is, no matter what

• We are writing history in a new way and are not trapped in the old – remember that!

~ Allow yourself to be infuse with peace and tranquility

And I have a meditation recommendation for you today to support you in doing just that!

Warm and loving huge Grethel 💜

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All my gratitude for your support and kind comments Grethel

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