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Shift of the edges

Feels like we are on the shift of the edges and indeed we are massively channeling including our bodies

Grounding, rest, hydration, candle gazing, breathing practices including daily meditation are going to be imperative for us to integrate the magnetic cosmic rays entering the space

Most importantly everything we feel is magnified and most likely will be the predominant energy in the timelines we jumó the 21th so pay closely attention to what you vibrate

Remember we are our own bourse or light

We are Christ consciousness in human form that lead with love and kindnesses with who is struggling

Is vital to be gentle with ourselves and others finding our simulando not our differences and be unified as one human collective towards new earth

Let’s learn to be kind and supportive paying attention to our need and rectifying our own creations

Meditation is going to be key ....

This transmission connect you with Sirius to bring through a healing blessing in the physical Body✨

Allow the vibration of this codes if light in motion to become a healing light bathing every particle of your beingness

The visualization from the beginning of the meditation is set to help balance, align, and heal Chakras.

Visualize this code and transmit your chakras in one solid polar of light and shed a light brightly and constantly grounding your light in the crystalline core on mother Gaia the sentient Gaia and from your crown connect with the central sun and Source

Breath gently while you visualize the codes germinating activating and blooming lightness

Let the support come!

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