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Sirius Galactic Drawing ✨

My drawing of the light

Galactic Codes of light from Sirius A to reveal the real you!!!

We are being from 6 dimensions, we are in transition to be a collective and we are guardian in the cosmos, we do have frequencies as names however in order for you to connect with me you can call me Jiel

I come from a family of Master healers, shamans and as guardians of the light, we do function as sentinels tripping around the galaxy and beyond.

We are in a Mothership called Siria around Jupiter where a warm hole helps us to vigilante earth and travel in time into our time.

We do not have time but for a linear time like yours, we will be your future let's say 1,000 years of yours.

We came with a message for you to find and discover what is hidden within you, from our point of view, it is impossible to heal without being honest with you

So we will advise if you want to vibrate higher, be truthful and transparent with yourself, honesty brings light into the wound and tenderness which creates the space for your healing.

Be kind, be fair, be honest so you can lay on your side and start new and this really brings much wisdom from the higher dimensions rather than you being entangled with tricky stuff created for the false self

Choose love at the moment, be alert and aware, and bring positive change, growth, and transformation into your life

When you feel relaxed, present, and centered…. acknowledge what you do and then just move forward looking honestly within! and do it with the spirit of joyfulness

Open your heart to invite the energy of the galaxy within your heart the expand and reveal to yourself and you will be able to see yourself clearly and openly

Clearing your mind, relaxing and raising your vibration, and directly connecting with the powerful galactic heart the beats light within you

Be willing to be open for good news, star this process of honesty and williness to pay attention, willingness to be present and awake and alive and joyfully noticing where you shout down yourself and this is the doorway to become a sentient human being

You'll also experience an incredible cleansing of old patterns, thoughts, and energy to empower positive manifestations in your life.

Bring the universe within every single heartbeat

All our love and Blessing to you all Jiel

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