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Sirius Starseed Drawing

Sirius Essence Ori ✨

My Drawing of the LightStarseed Activation Light Codes Greetings and Blessings, Beloved One, I am Ori from the Sirius council of light we are alchemist of the sacred geometry in the Universe in the 6 Dimension and you and I are one. we are honored to BE here today, to activate Galactic Light at the edge of an intense Shift…we send gentleness from your Starseed Family. One of the Galactic Blessings now is an increased potential and opportunity for amplification of your Gift and Awakening! There truly are multidimensional BEings. New opportunities are emerging for Lightworkers and for all of Humanity now, with the restoration of the Planetary Grid, aligning Earth directly with the Universal Grid. In times of innovative ways, there are always simultaneous Blessings to unfold, with expanding Love and bright Possibilities to transcend. The Galactics, your Higher Self, and Soul are really stepping this Energy forward now, to help you flow through whatever challenges you are facing… And remember to reconnect with more of the Original Essence Within, Radiance of the Soul, Openness, and Love flowing with the Divine and All Of Who You Really Are…Immerse yourself to brightly glow. Acceptance of What Is and Honoring the Journey That You Love, whatever arises in the Present Moment, is the Key to claiming this opportunity to gracefully Transform…into a Shining Star. Accept and embrace yourself exactly as the Star You Are, honoring the Self, while assimilating an opening for Higher Light to enter and uplift you. May you truly Rise In Light, glowing like a Star.

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