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Soul extension spiritual guide l Light Language Art

In this drawing you can see a guide that is an extension of your soul, another aspect of your consciousness with a different identity but connected to this timeline. This connection occurs naturally in dreams of which there is no recollection.

It shows me how beings from different times and earths from parallel universes connect with the earth. He sometimes comes to visit his loved ones in the astral world and in dreams. Sometimes they ask the Sirians for help in order to find other aspects of themselves. It seems to me that it is not always so easy because of the similarity of some timelines. Atlanteans on earth are the guardians of these time portals. At the Galactic level, Andromedans, Orions, Arcturians, Anunnakis and Terrestrials of the future protect the portals and make sure that there are no distortions in time that unbalance the universal order.

The system that is used to organize each extended soul of yours is a somewhat mathematical format based on time as an anchor and is called a time vortex. The guardians are on the move and are in charge of organizing and maintaining it. however this is separate from the akashic records.

The Sirians, Atlanteans, Arcturians and Andromedans give advice and are guardians too.

This guide shows a soul brother from another time and space. He seems like an older brother who comes to take care of you by traveling in astral time and shows that they visit and accompany each other on their journeys in dreams.

This soul is projected as a guard guide that from a parallel universe a similar earth but with different histories and very similar changes and yet the same elements were arranged differently, so it seems a distant planet.

In dreams there is experience, advice, protection and exploration of your soul where at some point that inspiration will come out in a creative way. He is learning how to travel in time and be a timekeeper one day.


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Bertha Maldonado
Bertha Maldonado
Feb 05, 2023

Will really Loveee to have mine sweet Grethel ❣️❣️ my mind was going so fast when I was reading These 💞🥰❤️❤️💞🥰❤️🥰🥰🥰


Mayra Vazquez
Mayra Vazquez
Jan 31, 2023


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