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Speaking the language of God

Updated: Jan 31, 2021

I’m a gateway for light and so are you ❣️

We are in Mercury retrograde in Aquarius and is all about communication, a re-examination of our role, and revisit our higher purpose.

Remember is well known we are energy, life force that in motion evolves and expands in human form.

If you close your eyes you can sense your energy and the energy of others in the air...

We are magnets of energy.....

We are antennas that function as energetic beings every moment we are a portal of light that channel frequencies into Earth.

One of the most important gateways for channeling source is our Voice.

That is why it's essential to be aware of who and what you surround yourself with positive charge thoughts, uplifting feelings from yourself and what you share with others.

Today I invite you to open the communication with your soul wisdom through listening to yourself and. what you expressed to others.

Taking inventory about what we vibrate and adjusting it being present

Remember that Words are codes we create and can uplift and inspire, or they can tear down and destroy ourselves or others.

And the best tool kit is we can use is Love as a frequency In all our words, thoughts, feelings with ourselves and others

Today I invite you to speak kind words that uplift and inspire change creating a peaceful earth

You can share an uplifting message for all of us in the comments #Elevate #uplift

Shed a light!!!

The image is a blueprint you can request at

This is how we really are underneath the vessel 🤍

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