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Spiritual Art - Spirit Guide Representing Christ Consciousness

The Divine Masculine Light Language: Harnessing Strength, Creativity, and Presence

This drawing tells us about a spiritual Guide that represents critical and at the same time ancestral energy. He shows me The Divine Masculine Energy: Harnessing Strength, Creativity and the Christ Presence.

The This drawing represents the Divine infusion of Masculine Energy is an essential component to guide you on this spiritual path.

It comes representing those ancestral aspects that heal. they are released from karma and return back to the source towards a new beginning.

This guide represents the Christ energy of the earth with the archetypal qualities of the masculine principle and aligned with a teacher on his ascension path.

It represents a priest from before the time of Christ and more in times where God communicated directly through prophets and blessed instruments used as magical relics that opened the portals of communication with the creator.

It shows me the traditional view of Divine Masculine Energy has evolved over time, and modern interpretations have brought a new dimension to its meaning and significance across many timelines.

In essence, the Divine Masculine Energy is characterized by strength, courage and rationality. It is the spark of action and affirmation that propels us forward in life.

The image codes channel leadership and authority skills, as well as the ability to protect and provide for ourselves and others.

Decodes at the same time the modern interpretation of Divine Masculine Energy has expanded to include emotional intelligence and vulnerability, compassion and empathy, creativity and intuition, collaboration and cooperation, and mindfulness and presence.

These aspects reflect a more inclusive and holistic view of the masculine principle, which recognizes the importance of emotional and spiritual growth, as well as physical strength and rationality. To harness and balance the Divine Masculine Energy, it is essential to cultivate self-awareness and self-reflection.

This guide brings a message reminding us to take the time to explore your strengths and weaknesses and identify areas where you can improve. You can also cultivate positive masculine traits like courage, assertiveness, and leadership by practicing them in your daily life. Another way to balance the Divine Masculine Energy is by combining it with the Divine Feminine Energy.

He also speaks of the feminine principle representing light codes which enhance openness, intuition and receptivity, which can balance the strength and assertiveness of the masculine principle. Healthy boundaries and communication are also essential to maintaining a healthy balance of both energies.

Finally, it invites us to make an act of full contemplation on the path already traveled and be present in total connection with the present moment and cultivate a sense of peace and clarity.

This guide wants to invite you to practice light, as it shows me that this can help you develop a deeper understanding of yourself and the world around you, and can help you stay centered and focused, even in difficult times.

In conclusion, This image in its colors and symbols, is the representation of the Divine Masculine Energy is a powerful force that can help you achieve your goals and create a full life.

Recalibrate and allow yourself to open up to new potential and enjoy the benefits of a balanced and holistic approach to life. Cultivate your strengths, accept your vulnerabilities, and stay present in the moment, and you will discover the power of Divine Masculine Energy.

I hope it is your Greatest and highest good to have read this,

With thanks to your guides.

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Julie Savard
Julie Savard
18 de jun. de 2023

Wow! This is an amazing drawing and excellent text to reflect on. Thanks

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